Thursday, July 28, 2016

Six Weeks - Kylie

6 Weeks - 7/28/16

Kylie is doing a lot better than last week. She hardly spits up anymore, which is amazing! The downside is she has a lot of gas from the new formula. I've started giving her gas drops so hopefully that helps. We think she might be a little colicky. She gets fussy some nights around 4 or 5 until she goes to bed. But, she is getting better. She sleeps ok at nights. Sometimes she sleeps for 6 hours which means she wakes up at 2am and then she doesn't fall asleep until 4am. But sometimes she wakes up every 3-4 hours but falls back asleep quickly. She also started smiling this week! I was able to catch a few pictures.

Kylie's first selfie.

She always looks up and stares at you. 

Blake has been into riding all his toys this week and Elmo does everything with us.

Blake wanted his picture taken. 

First smiles

This weekend we mostly relaxed. I got a lot of our documents organized into binders. I have been researching how to organize our medical, rental and personal documents and decided to go with binders. They are easy to access when I get additional documents to file. I am now in charge of the finances on our rental. I got it all organized and I'm super excited! 

Friday we went to a mall play area. Blake made a friend with a little boy his age. We were just about to leave and then noticed he made a friend so we felt too bad to leave. They followed each other around and then they got in a play car together. It was super cute. Then, we went to Pizza Pie Cafe in Gilbert. We went to this place all the time in college so we had to check it out. It was yummy as always and they had some really yummy new pizzas.

We did venture to another mall on Saturday. Blake played in the play area while I got my hair cut. He has so much fun playing with the other kids. It's really fun to watch him interact with other kids and make friends. He is also able to climb all the big toys and slide down.

Jeremy has now decided that Saturday night is in home movie date night. We put the kids to bed and then we rent a movie on our TV and have a date night. Last Saturday I picked Aloha and this Saturday he picked 10 Cloverfield Rd. I'm not a fan of movies but so far it has been fun! Jeremy makes popcorn and everything! 

This is my last week at home with the kids. I'm going to miss them while I'm at work but I'm excited to go back.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Five Weeks - Kylie

Five Weeks - 7/21/16

Not much has happened this week. Kylie has had a rough week. She spits up every time I put her down. She cries from 4pm till she falls asleep at 7 or 8. When she wakes up in the night she cries and fusses for 2-3 hours. She hasn't been sleeping very well in the day. She takes a nap when Blake does but for the most part that's it. After her nap she enjoys laying on her blanket near Blake and I and after does tummy time.

She did go to the doctor on Wednesday and the doctor is having us try a spit up formula and from the first bottle I could tell that its going to be a life saver and drain my bank account but its all worth it!

I only have one more week home with them. I'm sad but excited that Blake will get to play with other kids again. He has been so bored with me home. I try to take him on one trip a day but it doesn't always happen. For the most part he is pretty good when we go out to Target or run and errand.

We didn't do much this past weekend. We did go to a pool but Blake and Jeremy played for the most part. I hung out with Kylie in the shade. We did take a little dip in the pool but she slept right through it. I don't know how you can sleep while your in the pool but this girl can! After we grabbed dinner and took it home.

We went over to our rental property for a little while and hung out. Nothing too exciting.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

One Month - Kylie

One Month - 7/16/16

Kylie is a month old! It's gone by fast! She had her one month appointment on the 20th. She weighed 10 pounds and 2 ounces. She was 22.25 inches tall. We found out that she has acid reflux. I was pretty sure she did. She cries all the time and spits up a ton. The doctor gave us some formula to try out and we are putting her on medicine so life should be a lot better soon. One super awesome this is the doctor said her eye nerves are at a 6 month level. She stares really well and follows movement. She was super impressed! Go Kylie!

          *Drinks 2-3oz at a time
          *Doesn't like to be naked
          *Likes the bath
          *Loves to relax and sleep in  her swing but doesn't like it to move
          *Likes tummy time
          *Likes to watch Blake
          *Is usually awake from 2pm till bedtime
          *Gets fussy around 4pm
          *Is drinking sensitive formula
          *Sleeps in car seat
          *Looks around a lot when awake
          *Hold her head up pretty well
          *Hasn't really noticed Chloe yet - Chloe keeps her distance though
          *Doesn't mind binky but doesn't love it as much as Blake did.
          *Loves being rocked
          *When she cries it's goes from 0 to 100 in one second.
          *Spits up a lot- Blake hardly spit up
          *Gets the hiccups a lot
          *She has a good amount of hair- hopefully she doesn't lose it all
          *Doesn't mind Blake holding her - surprisingly she is really calm when he holds her
          *She sleeps with her arms above her head when she isn't swaddled
          *She started wearing 3 month clothes this week

If I'm being completely honest it's been a rough month. I would say maybe two nights so far she has slept ok. It's starting to catch up with me since I've done every night by myself so far. I have been in quite a bit of pain up until a week ago so I was pretty drained.

Blake loves Kylie so much it just warms my heart. That was one of my biggest fears, that Blake would hate her and hit her or get super jealous because I have heard a lot of stories about that. He honestly loves helping me with everything. When he sees she's awake and laying on her blanket or doing tummy time he runs over and lays next to her, gives her hugs and kisses, says hi and waves. He helps change diapers, throw diapers away, wipe her face when she spits up, burp her (tries to), puts her binky in, turns her swing on (she hates this), feed her, hold her and plays with her. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Four Weeks - Kylie

Four Weeks - 7/14/16

Time is going by so fast! I can't believe she has been here for four weeks! It's been a rough four weeks though. She now only sleeps for 3 hours max at a time but sometimes it takes a while to get her back to sleep. She has been super fussy this week but mostly right before bed time. We are trying out sensitive formula to see if that helps. Her umbilical cord finally fell off today! She hates being naked which is why it took so long to fall off. She likes to be swaddled.

Blake and Chloe have become good friends lately. Or maybe I should say Blake has become friends with Chloe. Blake has been super bored lately. If I'm busy feeding Kylie I tell him to go play with Chloe he finds her and annoys her but yesterday they played fetch for 30 minutes. Blake got scared to pull the toy from Chloe but after I encouraged him he finally got the hang of it. He wore Chloe out. He tries to get her to chase him sometimes but she's too lazy!

Blake really loves Kylie. He might be mean sometimes but I can tell he adores her. When she cries he stops whatever he's doing and runs to her to calm her down. He loves to do tummy time with her! He likes to feed her but he doesn't do it right so I tell him no. He gives her the binky and lots of hugs and kisses. I think he will be a protective big brother one day!

Yesterday the kids and I visited my work and Jeremy's work to introduce them to the baby. Blake was SUPER shy but Kylie loved the attention. Sadly Blake fell asleep in the car for 5 minutes so he wouldn't take a nap!

Blake loves baths but recently he's decided that he likes baths with clothes on. I was folding laundry and he was playing with his bath toys outside the bath. When I came over he was inside the bath with the water on. Crazy kid!

We did also go to Chick fil a on Cow Appreciation day. Blake thought it was so cool to have spots! They kept falling off but he would stick them back on.

I do love how much my kids love each other! I hope it lasts forever! Blake was so excited to take pictures with his little sister yesterday! He was saying cheese the whole time!

This is what Blake does when I tell him to hold her head up.

I love the look Kylie is giving Blake! :)

Blake wanted a picture by himself!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Three Weeks - Kylie

Three Weeks - 7/7/16
I can't believe Kylie is 3 weeks old! She went through an off schedule this week with sleep. She was super fussy for about half of the week. The last few days she has been back on schedule though.
She has been eating like crazy. 3-4 oz. every 3 to 4 hours.
She is still in newborn diapers and clothes which is crazy because Blake was never in newborn diapers and was in clothes for a week maybe two.
She is starting to be more alert for more of the day. I have her down to about 2 to 3 naps a day depending on the day.
She loves her daddy! She calms right down when he takes her when he gets home.
Blake doesn't seem to want to hold her as often as he used to but he likes to hold the bottle when I'm feeding her. He doesn't hold it quite right though so we usually fight about it.
Blake does like to lay on the blanket with her when she's hanging out.
Blake gets really concerned when she starts crying and runs right up to her. He usually gives her the binky but then rips it back out of her mouth. We are working on that.
I think Blake is getting a little more jealous though. He tries to sit on my lap when I'm holding Kylie.

I'll do a separate post about our 4th of July activities.  
We found out that Blake has hand and foot. I saw red dots on him Wednesday morning and then we went to get Kylie's birth certificate and I noticed he had more dots. So I called his doctor and we got right in. The doctor looked at him and his feet and in his mouth and said he has hand and foot. He said he has a ton of dots in his mouth. He was surprised that he was doing as good as he was. So, the fever he had on the drive home was from having hand and foot.
We went to Target before we knew Blake was sick and we found a few fun shopping cart and grabbed popcorn! Blake of course had to