Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 4 - 2017

Week 4 – 2017

Kylie was SUPER sick this week. Sicker than her or Blake have ever been. We picked her up from daycare on Wednesday and she had a fever. We figured it would go away overnight and we would be back at it Friday. Well Thursday she still had a fever and I took her to the doctor and they said there isn’t much we could do. She would just have to ride it out. So, she had Tylenol and saline drops. She had some super high fevers, loss of appetite and a constantly stuffed nose. She also has a very swollen throat. Hopefully it will all be over with soon. I feel horrible for her but there’s not a whole ton we can do other than trying to make her as comfortable as possible.

We literally did nothing this weekend. We have kept Blake and Kylie separate since Wednesday so Jeremy and I have taken turns taking Blake somewhere. Weekdays were easy because Kylie went to bed when Blake came home from school. Saturday morning Blake and Jeremy went on two hikes. It sounds like they had fun.

Other than that, it was an eventless weekend. Maybe February will be nicer to us!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 3 - 2017

Well I don’t know what’s with 2017 but so far, we haven’t had much luck. Sunday, we noticed the shower was a little colder than usual so Jeremy went to check it out and there was water gushing out of our water heater all over the place! So, he turned it off and we had to get a new one. It was only 4 or 5 years old so it was under warranty but you still have to pay labor and fees so it was still a big hit. At least it wasn’t inside our house! J
Martin Luther King Day was Pajama day at daycare! Blake didn't want to sit still for a picture so I took Kylies with her pajamas on!

Kylie is getting SUPER close to crawling and sitting up. She can sit up but she’s not super good at it. She can also drag herself to a close toy. She currently gets up on her hands and knees and then flies forward so it’s just a matter of time that she starts crawling! Blake gets super excited for her when she does.

This weekend we went to a furniture store and the kids got to ride together and played with sidewalk chalk in the backyard! Jeremy and I drew Blake a road and he drove on it with his car.

We also went to the outlets to grab Jeremy new jeans for work. He gets to wear jeans everyday so he wanted some more blue jeans. Blake and I played while daddy shopped!

Blake is really into Trolls right now. They watch music videos at daycare and his favorite is with “Poppy”. We may or may not have watched it 20 times in the last week. Kylie loves it too. We put her in the bouncer and just bounces away to the music.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 2 - 2017


This week has still been a little rough. Kylie got sick this week and Blake is still sick and when Blake’s sick, he is SO mean! Kylie has been handling it like a champ!

Blake has become a little photographer! Every night he takes pictures of Kylie, Chloe and pretty much everything! Some pictures are actually pretty good but it takes a while to go through and delete most of them. He has so much fun though! He says Mommy Cheese or Doggie Cheese.

This weekend we had garage sale on Saturday. That was fun and stressful but it’s over and we were able to get rid of some things we don’t need. Blake and Kylie also enjoyed night time wrestling.

We tried to sell Jeremy’s Mazda this weekend but the place closed early, so sad! On a happy note, I don’t think I documented it yet but Jeremy finally got me an SUV!! We looked at all the different SUVs and my favorite was the Kia Sorento so he got one.

Officially a Cardinals Car! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 1 - 2017


Our first week of 2017 has been a rough one! We have all been sick at one point or another this week. Blake woke up Friday morning with a horrible very deep cough. Jeremy had it previously in the week and had been going on for 2 weeks so that should be fun.

The kids started at their new day care this week. It went really well. Everyone loves Kylie. She has adjusted pretty well. She doesn’t sleep there like she does at home but hopefully she will get used to it. She has lots of friends to play with during the day! She made an adorable whale this week! It’s hanging up outside her classroom with her picture. Blake adjusted really well too. He cries every day when I drop him off but by the time I leave the building he is playing and having fun. He has lots of new friends as well. His classroom focuses on a subject and a letter each week so they do projects based around the learning material which has been really fun to watch him learn. Apparently, he eats a ton there! They have very fancy meals so I’m surprised he eats them. I guess he always asks for more so they give him more! He’s getting our money’s worth! J

This weekend we stayed home since Blake was sick! We played inside and outside!

Blake is obsessed with the magazine with Grandma and Grandpa Krass

Blake showing Kylie Grandma and Grandpa Krass

Kylie has changed so much the last few weeks! She is a joy to be around and is always happy and very easy going! Her teacher tells me every day how pleasant she is and easy to take care of! Hopefully she stays that way when she’s two!

Jeremy started a new job this week and he LOVES it!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas and New Years - Houston

12/16 – 12/31

I’m going to combine these weeks as we were mostly on vacation so it’s easier. We flew to Houston on 12/23 in the morning. We went through Tulsa, OK. We just stayed on the plane which was nice! Blake and Kylie did really well. Kylie slept for a little while on both flights but not the whole time. The last flight Blake was getting antsy but he wasn’t too bad.

When we arrived at Houston we headed to a Mac and Cheese place which was really good and then went to a nice neighborhood to look at lights! We stayed at Rebecca’s that night.

Christmas Eve we headed to Joshes house and the kids played for a little bit and then we headed to a Christmas town to see Santa. Blake did really well this time. We walked around the town for a little bit and then headed to the mall and the kids went on the carousel. We went to Josh’s and had Chinese and then the kids opened Christmas Jammies. Blake and Kylie had matching Jammies! The kids also decorated Sugar cookies for Santa! Everyone went to bed and Santa came!

Christmas morning the kids didn’t wake up too early. We ended up waking Blake up which we shouldn’t have. The opened their presents which after a while Blake was grumpy and wasn’t interested. Again, we shouldn’t have woken him up. After presents we got ready for church and went to church. We relaxed at Joshs outside after and then the kids took naps. We went to Tina and Rogers for dinner! We had so much fun! We had dinner and then ice cream and pie followed by swimming! Blake and Kylie loved it! Blake for sure had a blast!

The next day we went to Galveston! We had fun but pushed the kids to do a little more than they could handle. We went to the Sam Houston monument on our way and then stopped for lunch then walked the Boardwalk Pier. Blake threw food to the fish which was fun! We went to Galveston next and went on the Ferry at Galveston. Blake thought it was cool but it was super cold! We went to Moodie Gardens next and went to the Rainforest Exhibit and the Christmas Lights. There were so many Christmas Lights! At this point, Kylie was exhausted and wouldn’t stop crying so I ready to go home! I felt horrible for pushing her so much during the day. We stopped at Fuddruckers on our way home for dinner which was a disaster because Blake fell asleep before we got there and you don’t wake Blake up because he’s a monster. On top of all of this I had a super high fever the whole day and felt terrible. That night Jeremy started getting sick and my fever got higher. It was a long night for the two of us.

The next day we went to Josh’s house and hung out for most of the day. Jeremy and I ran some errands. We went to Chuy’s for dinner that night. It was relaxing day.

Our last day in Houston we went to the Houston Zoo and then to the Aquarium for lunch. The zoo was fun! Blake enjoyed spending time with Olivia! They were best buds the whole time! He was always asking where Oliva and Josh were. The aquarium was fun too. We sat right next to the glass so the kids were able to go and look at the fish. We hung out at Josh’s for the rest of the day so the kids could play.

The next morning we headed to San Antonio for Six Flags. It was hot the whole time until the day we wanted it to be warm. It was super cold and windy so we were freezing at the park. We didn’t get to start riding rides until almost 2 and then we left around 6. We went on tea cups, school bus, swings, Ferris wheels, Scooby doo haunted house, train, spinning rides, drop ride, Dumbo, strawberry ride, kids roller coaster and cars. There was a lot more but it was just too cold and was getting late. We went to Cici’s for dinner that night and then went to bed. It was Jeremy and I’s 7th Anniversary but we decided to not celebrate this year.

The next day we went to the Alamo and River Walk. It was still cold so we didn’t spend too long. We all said bye and went our separate ways. We planned on going to Six Flags again but it was too cold. We just drove to Ozona. It was the smallest town! There was our hotel, sonic and dairy Queen and a gas station. We ate at Sonic so Blake could play in the play house and then went to the hotel. It felt late but it was super early. We watched TV and Jeremy got us ice cream and then we went to bed early.

We headed to El Paso the next day. We planned to go to the zoo but when we got there they said it was cold so very few animals were out so we decided to not go. We went swimming at the hotel and then had dinner at the hotel. We went to bed early and literally did nothing to celebrate New Year’s! Lame!

Blake put fruit loops in his ears as ear plugs

Almost Home!