Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nineteen Weeks - Kylie


Kylie has learned a lot this week. She is our little rollie poolie. She is constantly rolling. Sometimes she gets stuck on her stomach and gets mad about it but for the most part she just rolls around. She is still teething but she hasn't been as fussy as past weeks. We switched to putting oatmeal in her bottles instead of rice and that seems to be a lot better for her. She is also playing with toys now. She can grab them really well and chews on them. She loves looking at her little lion and tries to crawl to it but can't yet.

We had a fun packed Saturday! We headed to the playground early in the morning. Kylie went on her first slide. Blake doesn't like to walk in sand so we all walked in the sand at the playground including Kylie. Blake still doesn't like it.

The kids took a nap and then we headed to Home Depot to get paint and Sams Club to look for a pumpkin. Sadly there were no pumpkins so we decided to check out the Goodyear Fall Festival. It was at the spring training baseball field. They had a little pumpkin patch, trick or treating, games, and a train ride on the field. Blake picked out a little pumpkin and did a little trick or treating. Blake and I went on the train ride. He loved it! At the end we laid in the grass and relaxed as a family.

On our way home Saturday night we saw a little fair so we stopped and walked around and let Blake ride a ride. He went on a motorcycle and loved it.

Blake has nights where he is just totally in love with his sister and just wants to hold her. One of those days happened this week and it was adorable!

We love hanging out in Daddy's really nice grass!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

4 Months - Kylie

4 Months - 10/16/16

* She has acid reflux and takes medicine every morning. She has rice cereal in her bottles to help keep the milk down.
* She doesn't like tummy time but is getting better at it
* She drinks 6 oz at a time for the most part
* She wakes up once at night for the most part
* She takes two naps
* She loves being rocked
* She loves being swaddled
* She hates having a wet diaper for even 10 minutes
* She loves her play mat - She giggles while watching her singing guy
* She likes to sit in her swing and watch everyone
* She loves her big brother - When she sees him she smiles
* She doesn't really notice Chloe
* She doesn't seem to mind her car seat but she prefers to be moving in it
* She has 4 teeth about to come in and have been for 2 months :/
* She is very smiley when you talk to her and smile at her
* She has a pretty good amount of hair but has been losing some in the back
* She has rolled both ways but not all the time.
* She is more interactive with toys she grabs them
* She just recently discovered her hands
* She is starting to take her binky more than she has in the past

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eighteen Weeks - Kylie


Kylie has been doing better this week than she was last week. She is teething pretty bad. I just wish these teeth would come all the way in fast! She is constantly chewing on her fingers. She talks all the time now! She still gets constipated so we switched to putting Oatmeal in her bottles instead of rice. Well see how that goes.

We went to the State Fair on Friday with Jeremy's mom and Grandma! It was a lot of fun! We were originally going in the morning but when we got there it wasn't open so we decided to go later when it wouldn't be quite as hot. We got there in time to get some $2 food and then saw the Cross fit show. Blake loved it! We let Blake ride three rides. He loved it! One he got a little scared on but he did awesome! We saw on the animals on the way out and then headed home!

Saturday we had a crazy day! We went to the mall in the morning and found out the Disney store was having a Halloween party so we decided to stick around for it and then Blake threw tantrums the whole time. Totally not worth it! We went home and kids took naps.