Sunday, October 1, 2017

July 2017

July 2017

I’m so far behind on life. This whole CPA thing is consuming my whole life right now. We didn’t have a ton going on in July. Jeremy and the kids went to Utah for fourth of July and I stayed in Phoenix due to medical issues. Blake and Kylie had lots of fun playing with their cousins. They went to the Duck Creek parade, canoeing, four wheeling, and went to the fire truck breakfast. Kylie started walk a little better while she was at the cabin but she really started walking right after she got back and mastered it within a week.

Later in July we went to a Cardinals practice. Blake went into the kid’s camp course and did all the football practice activities. He had a lot of fun. We also sat in the stands and watched the players practice.

We also went to cow appreciation day. We all put our spots on and got free Chick-fil-a. Blake thought it was pretty cool and Kylie loved the food.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

June 2017

June was a super busy but fun filled month.

Blake and Jeremy went on their first guys camping trip! They went for one night near Payson. They did lots of hiking and walked around the lake. Blake had a blast! They went to the ice cream shop too! Blake told me when he got home that he loved hiking! Blake slept really well in the tent so that was awesome!

We started a tradition of going to McDonalds on a lot of Wednesday nights for dinner. It lets Blake and Kylie get some energy and it’s B1G1 free Happy Meals. Blake LOVES his happy meals!

Blake and Kylie have also really enjoyed playing outside together in the beginning of the month. Blake LOVED it when Kylie would sit in his truck with him. I don’t think they will both fit for too long. Haha


One big thing that happened in June was we changed the floors in our house! We had tile and carpet which we replaced with laminate wood. I love them so much! It was one of the last big things we needed to do to finish remodeling the house.

Kylie turned 1 on 6/16/17. We had a party for her at Chuck e Cheese. It ended up being just us and Grandma Larson but it was a lot of fun! Kylie liked watching me play games and riding rides with her brother. Blake probably had the most fun though! Kylie loved her cake. She started eating the frosting from the main cake before we cut her a piece. She sure enjoyed her whole slice of cake! She got lots of fun new toys. Grandma and Grandpa Krass got her lots of pink toys! Blake got her Minnie mouse toys. Grandma and Grandpa Larson got her a bracelet.


I think Jeremy had a pretty good Father’s Day. Blake and Kylie got him some fun presents and also made him some cute crafts at school. We went to the new aquarium in Scottsdale which was pretty cool. It’s super expensive so I don’t think we would ever go again but it was nice to do once. We also went to Oreganos for lunch.

At the end of the month Josh and Alli came to visit. Blake loved playing with Olivia and Asher and we were able to meet Hannah! We had some yummy Mexican food and played at Chick fil a while they were here! We ended up sending Blake to the Cabin for the last week of June. He had a ton of fun with Josh and Alli. He asks me all the time why Josh is gone. He sure loves Josh.

Here are some other random pictures from the month: