Thursday, December 1, 2016

Twenty Four Weeks - Kylie

24 Weeks - 12/1/16

Kylie has been doing better this week than she did last week. She is sleeping through the night which is awesome! Still rolling like crazy and tries so hard to crawl but just can't yet. Blake calls her Bubbles sometimes. I think because she makes little bubbles a lot. lol

We went to cabelas this weekend. Blake was scared of the animal displays but he LOVES the aquarium! We are thinking he would LOVE the Houston aquarium so we might hit that up later this month.

We also went for a hike. Blake walked the whole thing. Not too long but it was climbing up rocks.

I also took Blake to see Trolls. He was SO excited for "poppy" (Popcorn). When I was buying the tickets at the box office he just kept yelling poppy! Everyone thought it was so cute! Then while I was buying it he kept getting on his tip toes to look over the counter and was yelling poppy! He had his own tray and carried it to his seat! He enjoyed his popcorn. He seemed to like the show but the commercials were so long so we stayed for half the show.