Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sea World

Labor Day weekend Jeremy, Blake and I went to California with my parents. Jeremy flew to San Diego and my parents picked Blake and I up on their way to San Diego. We ended up getting there pretty late so we pretty much went straight to bed. We got up early and had breakfast and got ready for Sea World. We got there pretty much when right after they opened. We went on the water log right first. The wait wasn’t too bad, probably 10 minutes. It was a pretty interesting ride, you get on and pretty much right away go straight down the big drop. They had a water fall coming over the drop so of course you get extra wet. Then you ride into this vault which is like an elevator that brings you up and then drops you onto a rollercoaster. We had no idea it was a roller coaster too. At the very end there are missiles of water which totally got me in the face so I looked horrible the rest of the day. Next, we headed to the main roller coaster which was the sting ray ride. It was actually pretty cool. Your feet dangle and you start off by going in an aquarium and all of the sudden the front of the room opens and you shoot out and onto the roller coaster. It was different than anything I have even been on, not scary but fun! We went on it twice in a row. There was a zero minute wait. We walked straight on.

Next was the killer whale show. To be honest it was really boring. It was pretty much an informational show about whales. The whales did some tricks and stuff but not what I was expecting. It was SO hot during the show. It was packed with people and there was no shade. We were in the splash zone and we got SPLASHED! Blake cried really hard when he got splashed. I think everyone that got wet was a little surprised at how wet you get. I won’t sit a wet zone again. One positive was it cooled us down! : )


Next, we took Blake to sesame street zone. I made him walk up to the Elmo ride (like Dumbo) so he would be able to ride it. He walked so well they didn’t question him at all. I thought it was fun. He didn’t really show any emotion about it. Our Elmo was broke and wouldn’t let us go up and down. We also went on the spinning ride. It was like the tea cups but something more sesame street related. By this time Blake was ready for a nap so we walked through the exhibits so he could sleep for a bit.

After walking through penguins and polar bear exhibits we went to a dog show. It was really cute. The dogs and other pets did amazing tricks and it kept us laughing. Definitely a good show. After, we headed to the dolphin show. We didn’t realize how packed his show gets so we ended up sitting at the very top in the corner. It was REALLY hard to see anything and it was pretty hot. Next time I will try and see the first show of this before it gets too hot and crowded. Blake still did get to see some of the dolphin tricks and seemed more interested than he was in the whales.

We walked around and checked out the other rides and discovered that they all had over 1.5 hour waits so we decided to head out. I realized that Elmo was going to be out for pictures in 10 minutes so we hurried to the sesame street area and saw the end of the show (Which Blake loved) Blake couldn’t take his eyes off them. We got in line to get pictures which took longer than we thought. Blake just stared at Elmo the whole time and then when it was his turn, he cried. He sat on the ground and cried so Elmo got on the ground with him. He still cried. We went to the picture area and I handed Blake to Elmo and Blake cried. Lol So I went into the picture and held Blake so he would stop crying.


On our way out Grandma and Grandpa let Blake pick out a souviner. (Aka Me) I picked an Elmo for him so he can always remember his first time meeting Elmo. He was really scared of the stuffed Elmo. It was kind of funny. I pulled him out of the bag and he started crawling away and kept turning back to look for him.
After Sea World we decided to go to the boardwalk area. We parked near an outdoor mall and then walked all the way to pier. Blake got to ride an old fashion carousel. He used to love them but this time he got scared and cried really bad. He was clenching onto me and hated it. It was going really fast though. We walked down to Anthony’s and had dinner. After, we walked through a farmer’s market type area which was cool. We walked around for a long time and then decided to call it a night.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Out of Africa

Out of Africa-8/29/15

The last weekend in August we decided to go to the Out of Africa zoo. They give you free admission the whole month of your birthday so we decided to take advantage of it for Jeremy’s birthday month. When we got there we started with the safari ride. It was pretty much as school bus decorated like a zebra, it was really fun though. They gave everyone a piece of celery and everyone got to feed the giraffe. I gave Blake mine, I don't think he really cared for it but he didn't cry even though the pictures look like he is. I think his favorite part was all the zebras. They had tons of zebras. They got up really close to the bus which was fun for Blake to be able to see.

After the safari ride we took the bus to the other end of the zoo and got a shaved ice. Blake LOVED it! Right after we bought it, it started raining which cooled it down a lot! We finished walking around the zoo in the rain since it was so cool! We decided to stay for the tiger show. It was pretty awesome!

After the show we left the zoo and headed to Jerome. It’s a really cool small town. We walked around all the streets and ended up going to a burger place. After, we played in the park. He loved the swings. He thought it was really funny when Jeremy and I would swing next to him.

It was a really fun family weekend!