Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 14 - 2017 (Week late)

Week 14 -2017

This week was pretty good for us. No one was sick so that’s an improvement. Blake is always helping these days. He is always telling me he’s helping daddy or Kylie. He helps Kylie to her school room every day. He either carries her bottles or holds the door open and says bye to her. He is very diligent about getting the mail every day.

Blake and Jeremy went to a Diamondbacks game on Thursday night. Thursday afternoon our department was offered 12 APS suite tickets and my manager offered two of the tickets to Jeremy and Blake. From what I hear Blake is having a blast! Jeremy got them a huge popcorn at the game!

This weekend we finished painting the kitchen cabinets which is a huge relief! It was super hard not having a kitchen all week and keeping the kids and dog out of the kitchen! It looks awesome but it’s going to look amazing with our new floors! I’m so excited!

We also did the D-Back’s walk this weekend. Blake walked the whole thing and did pretty well. He loved saying hi to the police officers and dancing to the music. Kylie seemed to enjoy it too but was super tired at the end.

Blake and Kylie had fun playing this weekend as well. I pulled out some toys I had put away and they had fun playing with them!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 13 - 2017

Week 13 – 2017

This week was so busy and stressful at work. I had a huge audit that needed to be done by Thursday night so I hardly ate and had trouble sleeping until it was done. After we sent the email on Thursday, I went to subway with a friend at 3pm and finally ate a real meal for the week. I’m also starting the CPA process. I have scheduled my first test and my friend and I are going to start studying on 4/10/17. We’ll see how it goes.

This weekend we took Blake to Home Depot to make an Easter Basket but they had ran out, so Blake made a Valentines Box. He had fun painting it what he wanted and Jeremy had a hard time letting him do it himself. Jeremy wanted it to look really nice and Blake just wanted to mix the paints. 😊

We started the process of refinishing our Kitchen cabinets. We were hoping we would get farther than we did but we do have a good chunk left. Unfortunately, it’s all over the kitchen so we have no kitchen this coming week and Chloe keeps walking on the cabinets. Hopefully we can get it finished quickly.