Wednesday, May 27, 2015

38 Weeks

38 Weeks- 5/27/15

Blake has learned how to walk around holding onto the couch or table. He's not super stable but he usually doesn't fall. He always wants to eat what we are eating. Sometimes I let him try it depending on what it is. He usually chews on it for a while and then spits it out. lol He seems to be having fits more now. It's usually when he's really tired. Blake also learned how to crawl up stairs this weekend. He got up 5 stairs I think. We tried installing our gate but our stairway is too wide. Seriously?!?! I bought the widest gate. So we had to order an extension online.

Daddy and Blake sharing Cherrios

Blake climbed on Jeremy forever trying to get over him.

 Blake in his new playroom
This weekend was pretty boring weekend for us. Jeremy took a CPA test on Saturday so we mainly relaxed. We did get breakfast on Saturday morning. Then we relaxed until his test. When he was gone Blake and I ran errands. Bought a new toy and then we went home and put it together. It was interesting trying to put it together while he climbed all over it. Then I moved his crib down. We have it at the highest setting but now that he can stand up we needed to move it down. Then Blake took a nap while I studied for the CPA. When Jeremy came home from his test we went out and had fun!

Sunday Blake was sick and he was so nice to give it to me. So I was sick Sunday night.

Monday we went to the mall and let Blake play in the play area. There weren't any other kids his age but a little girl came and sat next to him and talked to him. It was cute. We also went to a community pool near us. They had a baby pool so we started there and Blake walked around the pool in his floatie. He thought it was pretty cool that he could move around on his own. Then we moved to the big pool. He loved that too. He floated around for a while and then we took him out and played with him. He loves being spun around.

We also made him a different play room on Monday. We made our second guest room into a playroom. This works better because there is a door to shut. We switch off sitting in there with him. We just got a TV for his playroom! So far it has worked out pretty well. Sometimes he just stands there and holds onto my chair but he's getting better about going and playing.

Tuesday night we booked our cruise! I was researching it for a while and we finally made a decision. We are going on the Carnival Magic. It goes from Galveston, TX. We are going to Belize City, Belize, Cozumel, Mexico and Mahogany Bay, Honduras. It should be pretty fun! Thanks to my awesome sister in law, Blake isn't coming. I was kinda sad at first but I think it will be a lot more fun without him! He's still young so it would be hard with naps and he can't do anything. Plus, they charge full price for him. Crazy! I'm super excited to start planning it.

I'm also starting to plan Blake's first birthday party! I'm super excited about it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

37 Weeks

37 Weeks- 5/20/15

Blake is growing up so fast! He currently has his top 4 middle coming thru. He doesn't seem too bothered by them like he was his bottom two. He was super grumpy when they came thru. He loves Gerber puffs and yogurt bites. I have been feeding him different chicken and turkey dinners for dinner and he has seemed to like them. He's coming more independent which is awesome. Blake and I have had a lot of quality time together because Jeremy is taking a CPA test this weekend. So Blake and I have been hanging out just the two of us after work! Today was actually super fun! I put him in his bouncer and was jumping up and down and dancing and he thought it was the funniest thing ever and then would jump so hard!

He has a binkie in his mouth and his hand. Crazy kid.
Thursday after work we met up with Rebecca, Spencer, Blake and our Aunt. We met at her house and as we were leaving she realized there were a bunch of ducks in her pool so she went to get them to leave. It ended up being a bunch of babies and the mom. So Jeremy helped them all out of the pool. It was a challenge and funny at times to watch. We headed to Rosas after. I love their green salsa!!! It was so yummy! It was a fun night!

Friday night was a blast!!! We went on a double date with Rebecca and Spencer. Blake was home with the babysitter so we went paintballing first. We played 4 games. The first was 3 on 3 and then the last two were like 10 on 10. I was a little scared of being hit so I hid most of the time. I think next time I will be more prepared and be able to run around and shoot people. Then we walked Mill Ave to a pizza place. Jeremy and I went to the pizza place over two years ago and we have thought about it since but hadn't made it back yet. We also found an ice cream sandwich place for dessert! You pick your cookies and ice cream and they make a sandwich! It was a fun night!!

Saturday morning Rebecca and Spencer left for Houston. Jeremy and I snuck in a quick date for breakfast before they left which was nice! After they left we cleaned a bit and then ran errands and relaxed. Pretty much we did nothing the whole weekend.

Saturday night we went for a bike ride with Blake and Chloe. We finally got Blake a helmet so we were able to go. He didn't seem to mind it. The only problem was he would pull his helmet down so he couldn't see. The helmets a little big but it works. Chloe surprisingly liked the ride. Too bad it's going to be too hot soon.

Monday, May 18, 2015

36 Weeks

36 Weeks- 5/13/15
I'm behind again. Hopefully I can remember everything that happened in the right week. :/ Also, if any of you received a weight loss invite from me, it wasn't me. I don't know what's going on. I have nothing to do with it. I changed my password so if it happens again I'm just going to delete facebook. I feel horrible when people message me upset or thinking I'm calling them fat. :( I wouldn't never do that!
Blake has started to learn how to pull up on things. He has mastered getting on his knees and he can get on his feet but he doesn't do it that often. Once he's up he can stand up for a while by himself. He's getting better at feeding himself finger foods. About 1/2 make it in his mouth. It has been really fun watching him learn how to do it. He has learned that it has to be on the tip of his fingers but he drops it a lot trying to get it there. He is a really fast crawler too. He can almost crawl as fast as I walk if he wants.

This week we Rebecca and Spencer came to town! Thursday night we all went to Mexican together while everyone was in town together. Thursday night Blake had a nightmare or something so he got to snuggle with daddy since I get up so early to get ready.
Friday night we went to Gateway to party! We went to the donut shop and walked the outlets. Nothing too exciting but we did get yummy donuts!
Saturday was our fun packed day!! We started by heading downtown for breakfast. (It's our tradition since we found the place. We treat everyone that comes to visit us to breakfast Saturday morning). Then we headed to the Peach festival. Once we were there we rode the train. We almost didn't make it on but the old man (train driver) had Spencer and Jeremy help him add another cart to the train so we could ride. It was a longer train ride than I thought it would be. It went all around the field and through the orchard. After we walked around and picked some peaches to try. Blake was getting tired so we headed out.

Next we went to the Mesa Swap meet. We walked the whole thing pretty quick but we each found something! I got a bag for my coupon binder and they got a sign. Next stop was Tia Rosas. There was a wait so we hung out outside and there was a parrot. It was following Rebecca. The food was yummy but the green salsa just wasn't right. We went home after and let Blake take a good nap.

We had a babysitter from 4-8 and we had a whole fun night planned. Everything we had planned doing fell through so we ended up going roller skating which actually was pretty fun. I was horrible at it but I had fun. There was a ton of little kids and then us. lol We played two games. The first was four corners and Jeremy won. The second was skating backwards. Jeremy was really good at it and I wasn't. After an hour we were all exhausted so we headed to Fuddruckers for dinner. We ended up going home at 7 since our other plans fell through.

Sunday was mothers day! Jeremy got up and made a nice breakfast for everyone. Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, cookies, sausage and toast. Blake took a nice nap and then we went to a Diamondbacks game. All mother got a free shirt which was a pretty nice shirt. It was Blake's first game and I was a little nervous of how he would do. We walked around the stadium a little and then we went to our seats. When we got up there and sat down Blake just looked around everywhere. He had never seen anything like it before. He loved trying to eat our food and playing with his toys! We went to the kids zone after a little while. They have a whole area the kids can crawl around and climb on toys. Blake made some friends! We went back to our seats for the rest of the game. By the end Blake was ready to go but he did really well. After, we went home and had cake and Blake game me my mother day gift. A couch wallet!  Overall it was an awesome mothers day!


Tuesday we went to another Diamondbacks game with Rebecca and Spencer! It was a blast! The diamondbacks did awesome! We even made it on the big screen. Everyone was eating there food so I was trying to distract Blake from trying to eat their food so I held him up and was moving him around and next thing we knew we were on the big screen. It was pretty funny because everyone else was hurrying and eating there food. Later Blake played in the play area and got Backster. He got his shirt signed! We all went to the batting cages too. Jeremy, Blake and I headed out early since it was 8 and the game was only half way through. It was fun night!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

35 Weeks

35 Weeks- 5/6/15

Blake learned a few new things this week! He learned how to sit up after just crawling. (If that makes sense). He can go from crawling to sitting up on his own. He's really funny, he will crawl a little bit at a time and he will sit up and look back at you. He also learned how to eat yogurt bites, cheerios, grapes and oranges. I just love my little man! He's growing up so fast! I love spending every minute I can with him!

Saturday we did a lot! We started off bright and early at our favorite breakfast place. Then, we walked around the farmers market. Next was the Mesa Swap Meet. We all got a lot of fun stuff! Including Blake! We drove around Mesa for a while because the freeway was closed so we took a tour of Mesa. After that we went to the Railroad park in Scottsdale! I had heard of it before but we had never gone so we decided to check it out. We went to the station and got tickets and then Blake rode the carousel. He usually loves them but at first he wasn't sure. This one was quite a bit faster then the other ones he's been on so it scared him a bit. After a little while he warmed up! He's funny though because he knows to hold onto the rod for the most part.

Next, we road the train. It was a really funny train. They had a crate at the end that they lock the kids up in. That was pretty funny! Blake thought the train was pretty cool, not too impressed. Maybe in the winter. There was a tunnel and his eyes got so big when we were in it. The park also had a play area so we took him to the swings. He wasn't too impressed with that either. I think he was a little tired so we will have to try it again when he's not so tired.

We went home and let Blake take a good nap. That night we went out to pieology for dinner. Its a new pizza place by us where you get to design your own pizza. It's pretty good. Next we headed to Cabellas to show Blake the fish and the animals. The last sop of the day was Gateway! We went to the design your own donut shop and then Blake went to the Splash Pad. He was having fun until another kid hit the water that was shooting up and it went all over Blake's face. He cried and didn't like it anymore. Hopefully that kid didn't ruin it forever for Blake.

Monday we had fun as a family! We played in the backyard and went for a nice walk. I even found Blakes favorite toy! He loves this ball! He knows how to make it start bouncing and then he puts his mouth on it. I think it makes his teeth feel better or something.

Tuesday we went to Mexican for Cinco De Mayo. We went to the place by our old work! Yummy! Blake had the biggest blow out in the history of blow outs which wasn't fun at all! I guess he can't handle Mexican food very well. lol 
Tonight Jeremy and I made dinner. I know it's a big shocker! I got the recipe from a coworker and it's actually not too hard. But, Blake had to have another blow out which made it so much more stressful. He was exhausted too. I put him to bed like 1.5 hours early and he was knocked out in less than a minute.