Thursday, June 30, 2016

21 Months

Blake is now 21 months - (This is going up late)

*He loves getting Chloe out of her cage or outside when we get home.
*He’s still loves shoes. If he sees his shoes then he has to wear them. He loves to walk around with Jeremy’s shoes on and he tries to wear my flip flops sometimes.
*He only takes one nap and some days it’s 3+ hours and sometimes it 30 minutes or less.  
*He sleeps with his binky at night but other than that we try our best not to let him have it.
*He loves hot dogs, raisins, grapes, bananas, mandarin oranges, pretzels, McDonald’s chicken nuggets, chick-fil-a chicken, popcorn, chips, ketchup, fruit loops and yogurt. He loves trying all the samples at Costco. He knows what they are too so if you pass a sample cart without getting him one he gets upset.
* He hates getting his hands dirty. If he falls in sand or grass he gets upset until you wipe his hands clean.
*If he falls or hits his head you have to kiss it and then it’s immediately better.
*When I tell him to say “love you” he gives me a kiss on the cheek. He does the same thing when you tell him to say Sorry.
*His favorite shows are Sesame Street, tweet tweet, ruff ruff and dave, and little Einstein’s.
*I love watching little Einstein’s with him because he does all the hand motions and pats his knees. It’s super cute.  
*He still LOVES Elmo. He loves wearing his Elmo PJ’s and every morning he shows us his stuffed Elmo.  
*He loves his slide. He will go up and down for hours if you let him.
*He loves tools.
*He’s pretty good at cleaning up. If I tell him to clean up his toys in the family room he will go and put them in the bin for the most part.
*Says thank you and please. He is SUPER good at Thank you. Every time I hand him something he says thank you. I didn’t even teach him this. He just picked up on it at daycare. He will says please but you have to say “what do you say?” Then he will say Please. He says it very quietly and quickly.
*When he goes to bed he has to walk up the stairs using the rails. He started waving at anyone downstairs at each step. It takes 20 minutes to get up the stairs.  
*He loves climbing things. Once he climbs up it he sits all proud of himself with the biggest smile.
* He switched to a queen bed a while ago and he does really well but it takes him longer to actually settle down and fall asleep.
*He puts his dirty clothes in his drawers almost every night. Sometimes empties his drawers into his laundry basket. It used to be funny but it’s getting frustrating.
*Uses his fork and spoon to eat most of this dinner. He usually does really well with it.
*Loves water. He has wanted water more than milk.
*Eats a banana every morning. If we are out there is a meltdown. He also loves cuties but he loves his banana.
* He has all his teeth.
*He HATES holding hands. Jeremy has been working on it with him but he fights him most of the time.
*He knows his body parts
We have been working on counting for about a month. When we started he would say one and then we would say two and he would yell “NO”. He hated 2. Now when we say one he says two and eventually he says 3. He is very stubborn about learning. He doesn’t like to do it on demand and won’t. If he doesn’t want to count he will yell “NO”

*He knows what the word “no” means. When he says no to a question 90% of the time he means it.
*He has started noticing my belly and he will point at it or touch it. We tell him to wave at the baby and he will wave at my stomach.
*He doesn’t like to walk in tall grass/weeds. We went camping for the first time and the grass was a little long and he hated it touching his leg.
 *I put a lot of his snacks in a kid proof bowl and he walks around saying bowl until you give him a bowl with his snacks.
*When he wants more food he will say more but he doesn’t always mean more of what he was eating just more food.
*He loves phones. He knows when my phone vibrates and starts saying phone even if he can’t see it. He loves looking at the pictures on our phone.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

37-39 Weeks

How far along: 39 Weeks  
Maternity clothes:  I had to wear maternity work shirts for the last week. They are big since I’m smaller this pregnancy but at least I only had to wear them for a week.  
Food cravings: None
Food aversions: None
Symptoms: Lots of contractions, legs hurt and just wanting to have this baby
Gender: Girl
Movement: Slowed down a lot. She kicks something on the right side of me and it makes me cry inside for a few seconds 
What I'm looking forward to:  Having a little baby again and not being pregnant anymore.
What I miss: Feeling normal.

We really didn’t do much of anything during the last three weeks. It’s been super-hot here so we mostly stayed inside. Most weekends I felt like I was going into labor and then the contractions would stop. I’m getting sick of the waiting game. I’ve had some really intense contractions but then I go to bed and nothing comes of them. I have leave work every day with everything organized so that they can easily pick up from where I left off. Every day when people come in they check and see if I’m still here and I am. It’s kind of getting depressing. I’m so ready to have this baby.

We did go to the Litchfield pool one afternoon. Blake really liked it. On the side of the pool they had a ledge that Blake was able to hold onto and he would float up and down the pool from me to Jeremy and then back. He also jumped into the pool for the first time. We don’t have a pool otherwise I’m sure he would have done it a while ago. He seems to love the water so we might be going a lot this summer. Too bad I can’t go swimming for most of the summer. L

At 37 weeks I went to the doctor and she sent me straight to the hospital. I had been really sick on our camping trip the weekend before so I guess my water levels were way down and the baby had stop/slowed down her movement. Everything came out perfect. They put two bags of water in me which made my legs massive… it was a nice relaxing few hours though. I got to watch TV and relax.

At 39 weeks I went to the doctor and there had been no progress on my labor so she had me induced that night. I have had huge anxiety over the size of this baby. Blake was so big that I knew I wouldn’t be able to have another 9 pound baby. Unfortunately, they can’t induce without a medical reason to the baby until 39 weeks. She honestly couldn’t believe I made it to 39 weeks but the baby changed her mind about coming out so there I was at 39 weeks. She sent me home to wait for my induction appointment. I waited and waited and they hadn’t called by 4:30 and the office closed at 5. So I was freaking out so I called the office and the nurse said I was being induced that night! To be continued on the labor story post…..

Thursday, June 2, 2016

35/36 Weeks

I'm trying to catch up before the baby comes....

How far along: 35/36 Weeks  
Maternity clothes?  I've started to wear some maternity shirts and no maternity pants yet.

Food cravings: None
Food aversions: None
Symptoms: Bad heartburn and lots of contractions. 
Gender: Girl
Movement: All day- It’s getting old.  
What I'm looking forward to:  Having a little baby again, I think and not being pregnant anymore.
What I miss: Being able to cuddle with Blake especially when he's sick

*I have been sick and haven't been up and ready before Jeremy left this week. Therefore, I had to take the picture myself.

Grandma and Grandpa Larson's visit:
Jeremy's parents stopped by for a day to visit Blake. Jeremy and I took the day off so we could have some fun with them. We started by going to the Phoenix Zoo. We got there early and the animals weren't out but then about 30 minutes before opening they started letting the animals out to feed them and we were able to see more animals then we usually see. It was pretty awesome! Blake had fun running around and looking at the different animals. We went to the petting zoo which he enjoyed and the splash pad. He's really funny because he doesn't like to get wet or something. He really wants to fun through the water things but he doesn't. One time he gave in and he got soaked. He was a little upset at first but then it gave him a boost of energy. He also got to ride the carousel. We had the whole thing to ourselves.


After, we hurried to Main event to buy day passes. They were unlimited bowling, laser tag, ropes course and billiards for one price. It was a good deal because schools out so they are trying to get kids to come.

After we got our tickets we grabbed lunch and went home for Blake to take a nap.

After Blake's nap we went to Main Event. Blake really liked bowling but he didn't like that it wasn't always his turn. He also really wanted to carry the ball himself but it was too heavy so he would drop it. We finally got a system down where I would already have the ball on the ramp and he would just run up and push the ball. I'm not sure if I will be able to convince Jeremy to take him again for a while since he's not patient. :( Jeremy ended up winning by one point at the last second.


Jeremy and his parents played laser tag and ropes course while Blake and I pretended to play games. We did get to play a few games at the end which was fun! I love games!! We also played a few games of pool. I played for the first time. It was more fun than I thought it would be.

After main event we went to Mexican food. Blake was surprisingly really good. Usually when we go to restaurants he won't stop throwing food on the floor or screaming. I think Mexican restaurants are easier with him because of the chips. He loves chips!

Overall it was a super fun day! I think we all had a blast! I was exhausted by the end of the day though! :)

Memorial Day Weekend:
Friday night we went to Mexican and then we took Blake to a fancy mall in Chandler to play in he play area. He had a blast!

Saturday Jeremy spent half the day at our rental fixing up the backyard and planting new grass seeds. The current renters let the grass die so he had to go and plant new seeds. We went swimming at a near by pool after he came home. Jeremy got heat exhaustion so he spent the rest of the day laying on the couch and taking Tylenol.

We also went camping for one night at Woods Canyon Lake. We stopped in fountain hills on our way. We thought it would be nice to let Blake run around. Blake and I took a long walk to a splash pad and a playground. It was super hot so we probably shouldn't have done that. Blake had fun at the splash pad but he refused to wear a hat or stay in the shade so he was in the sun a lot. He did drink water but I guess not enough because we think he got a little heat exhaustion. He screamed the whole way to Payson except for a 20 minute nap and he was holding his head. As soon as we found a drug store I ran in and bought him some Tylenol. It seemed to help a lot. We went to a farmers market after and then walked to a BBQ truck and shared a sandwich. Blake wasn't interested in eating or drinking so I had an idea to go to dairy queen because he has never said no to ice cream. Well... we bought him ice cream and I think he had a total of 2 bites. We enjoyed it though. We tried everything we could to get him to eat and he did eat a little. We packed back up and headed to the campground. Blake took a nap the rest of the way.

Once we arrived at the campground we set up the tent and got our beds ready. We had two queen mattresses which lined the whole tent. We zipped our sleeping bags together to stay warm. We then took a walk to the lake. Blake and Jeremy sat on a rock right on the water and Blake loved watching all the boats and people fishing. We grabbed a snack from the shop and then walked back to our site. Jeremy made a fire and we cooked dinner. We had hot dogs and smores. Blake didn't want a marshmallow so he missed out. We put Blake in the tent and tucked him in and he actually went to sleep in the tent alone. Jeremy and I relaxed for a little bit and then headed to bed. It was really cold so we decided to let Blake sleep in our sleeping bag.

After about 20 minutes in the sleeping bag I started feeling really sick. It took me 15 minutes to finally wake Jeremy up because I was stuck in the middle. I ran (quickly waddled) to the bathroom and threw up. I was sick until around 2am. I tried sleeping in the tent again but got sick so I decided to sit in the car and then I could get in and out without bothering Jeremy or Blake. I think I was able to sleep for about an hour the whole night. It was a HORRIBLE night! Jeremy offered to pack up and head home at 1am but I honestly couldn't go anywhere. We would have had to stop every 5 minutes.

Jeremy made a fire around 4:30 and Blake woke up around then since Jeremy wasn't in the tent anymore to keep him warm. Blake hung out with me in the car to keep warm until the fire was ready. We hung out around the fire for a little bit and decided to pack up and head home. I packed up the tent and Jeremy packed the car. Blake wasn't too patient so we had to hurry. Blake slept most of the way home and then once we got home Jeremy and I took turns taking naps since we didn't sleep the night before.

After all of that Jeremy still wants to make it a family tradition to go camping every Memorial Day Weekend. I think if we had an RV I would be all for it. I think it's just too cold. It was 39 degrees at night which to us is pretty cold.