Friday, September 30, 2016

Fourteen Weeks - Kylie


I've been getting Blake into football now that the football season has started. I'm playing fantasy football with my internal audit department and it's been fun. Blake gets really excited when I turn it on and he yells football. I can get him to sit with me for 10 minutes and watch but mostly he runs around and plays and watches once in a while and gets excited. We get excited for Thursday night football because it gives us something fun to do on a weekday. Kylie likes to watch the TV too so she's cool with it.

Kylie still loves her play mat and hanging out with big brother. She LOVES Blake. She gets a lot of his attention when we are home because he doesn't have anything else to do but play with her. He loves to do tummy time with her and shake her rattles. She has stopped sleeping through the night she wakes up at least once and then sometimes twice at around 4:30 so we just end up getting up then.

Jeremy had food poisoning all weekend so we literally did nothing. We went to Target and that's it! Like literally.

I did organize Blake's playroom and labeled all his toy bins and put extra toys in the closet so it's not as crowded. Blake was really excited when I showed it to him and he actually went and pointed at the labels! I was impressed that he noticed!

Blake and I went to Kneaders for Breakfast Saturday morning. He loved the French Toast!

2 Years - Blake


Blake weighs 28.2 pounds and is 36 inches tall.

- Loves Trotro, Little Einsteins, The Hive, and Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave
- Says highns for hot
- Says vrom for phone
- He is the biggest helper with Kylie. He gets me burp rags, wipes her face when she spits up, helps burp her, tries to feed her, puts her binky in, helps change her diaper, throws diapers in the diaper genie, plays with her, does tummy time with her, and holds her
- We recently gave Blake my old iphone and he thinks its the coolest thing. We let him play with it at restaurants that have wifi. He seems to behave better with it.
- Blake is starting to learn how to have a conversation. He says Mommy.. and then tells me something and then he does it again, was really funny at first but it's kind of annoying.
- He is saying a lot more words this past week.
- He LOVES trains. We saw a lot of trains this past week and he told us about every single one.
- He loves swimming and water
- His favorite thing to drink is water
- He wears 18-24 months and sometimes 2T
- Size 5 diaper
- His favorite foods are apple sauce, cheese, fruit snacks, raisins, yogurt, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets.
- He is very bossy. He is always telling me where to sit down. He gets pretty upset if I don't listen.
- He tells me "no mommy" a lot lately
- He knows when he poohs. He will tell us pooh and hit his bum.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Three Months - Kylie


* She has acid reflux and takes medicine every morning. She has rice cereal in her bottles to help keep the milk down.
* She doesn't like tummy time but is getting better at it
* She drinks 4-6 oz at a time for the most part
* She wakes up once at night for the most part
* She takes two naps
* She loves being rocked
* She loves being swaddled
* She hates having a wet diaper for even 10 minutes
* She loves her play mat - She giggles while watching her singing guy
* She likes to sit in her swing and watch everyone
* She loves her big brother - When she sees him she smiles
* She doesn't really notice Chloe
* She doesn't seem to mind her car seat but she prefers to be moving in it
* She has 4 teeth about to come in and have been for over a month :/
* She is very smiley when you talk to her and smile at her
* She has a pretty good amount of hair but has been losing some in the back
* She is starting to roll. She can get on her side.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Thirteen Weeks - Kylie


Kylie has been doing a lot better this week. She hasn't been spitting up nearly as much as in weeks past. She has been handling tummy time a lot better. She has been lifting her head up pretty well. It's really hard to do tummy time because she usually spits up a ton and it hurts with her acid reflux. Monday she would lift her legs way up and was trying to roll but she hasn't done it as much since.

She has slept really well this week. She went to sleep a little before 7 and has been waking up at 5ish. Which has been a nice change. She hasn't been crying much at all lately. We did start sleep training her. She has been doing really well. I think the longest she has had to cry is 15 minutes but Wednesday and Thursday night she didn't cry at all. She whined for literally 15 seconds and we didn't hear anything after that.

Blake on the other hand has been waking up at 4:30-5 in the morning and he starts crying really loud. I have no idea what's causing this but I have seen a lot of friends saying that there kids are waking up really early too. Hopefully this is a phase and it passes fast because he wakes up Kylie most days.

This weekend we went to the newly renovated Friendship Park near our house. They just finished putting in a splash pad. We went to check it out. There wasn't anyone there so Jeremy and I had to play with Blake in the water. After he played at the playground.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Blake's Birthday Weekend

We had a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating one special man's birthday! We started by going to a Cardinals game Thursday night. I could tell he was tired but he liked it. He has started watching the Cardinals games with me at home so I thought he would like it. We stayed for a little bit and then headed home.

Friday morning we got up SUPER early and headed to Knotts Berry Farm. The car ride wasn't bad at all. I had packed a backpack with snacks and activities for Blake. He's really into stickers and my mom found a farm sticker book for him to play with on the trip. It was seriously a life savor! He played with it for a good hour! He loved moving the animals around the farm and then thought it would be funny to put them on his head. He fell asleep for the last 45 minutes of the trip.

We stayed at the Knotts Berry Farm hotel since it was on the park property and we could just walk back and forth to the park. We dropped off our stuff and headed to the park. We got there around 11:30. Blake took pictures with snoopy and then headed to his first ride. He went on the airplanes first. He had to go alone and he was totally cool with it. He takes flying really seriously so he would annoyingly wave at up quick as he pasted and then get back to flying. It was super funny. Then we grabbed lunch. We purchased the dining plans so we wouldn't have to worry about prices. We could eat every 90 minutes and then we purchased the unlimited drinks pass.

Blake went on hot air balloons, bouncing quads, swings, bumping trains, school bus, boat ride and his favorite the Commercial Trucks. He LOVED the trucks! I went on it with him and we had to do it again with daddy later. He loved driving it and having daddy as the passenger.

We went on two train rides as a family. Jeremey and I both rode two roller coasters. We went separately. Towards the end of the day the roller coasters were pretty crowded so we didn't get to ride the ones we wanted to but Blake got to do the airplane ride a few more times.

We did go back to our hotel part way through the day for naps. Both kids took naps as well as Jeremy. I had to wake them up or they would have slept the day away. :)

We all slept really well that night. Kylie even slept through the night.

Saturday was Blake's actual Birthday. We started by having breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Snoopy was suppose to be there but we went too early. Blake enjoyed the buffet. Then we went to the swimming pool. The water was a little cold so we hung out in the hot tub. The hot tub was just like a warm bath so Blake was able to hang with us. Jeremy and Blake loved running through the freezing cold splash pad and then get in the hot tub.

After we got ready and headed to San Diego. Traffic ended up being horrible so it took us a lot longer than we expected. We ended up going to Oceanside beach instead of going to San Diego to find a beach. It was really fun. Blake loved the waves but hated having sand on his hands. It was pretty funny. We walked to the pier and walked about half of the pier. We grabbed some popcorn and shared it on the beach. Kylie LOVED laying on the beach towel on the beach. She was all smiles and giggles! It was hard to get Blake to leave at the end. He loved the water.

We headed to our hotel in San Diego and then headed to downtown San Diego. There was an event going on so it was impossible to find parking. We had drove 30 minutes from our hotel to get there so we really wanted to go where we planned. After at least an hour of driving around we found a parking spot and we walked to a shrimp place and ordered food. It was really late so Blake was pretty tired and started acting up. He ended up needing to go to the bathroom so Jeremy took him then he settled down and ate dinner. We head to the hotel after and went to sleep at like 10 or 11. Long day.

Sunday we started heading home. Jeremy had found a park for us to check out around the San Diego zoo. We thought we would stop for 30 minutes but ended up finding a ton of cool stuff to do so it turned into over 3 hours. We headed home after and the kids slept for 4 and a half hours. So I only had to entertain them for an hour.

Monday we celebrated Blakes birthday! After his nap I had all his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Krass and Jeremy and I on the table. He was pretty excited and he opened them. He got books, a backpack, tool box, elmo phone,  trucks and a big little tikes truck. I also picked up some cupcakes so we sang to him and then he blew out the candles all by himself!

He had an awesome birthday!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Krass for the presents!!