Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Days 6 and 7 on the Cruise

Day 6:

We were really sun burnt so we tried to stay out of the sun the last two days. We slept in until 8:30 which is really late for us. We hurried and got up and headed to brunch! Breakfast at the restaurant was really good on sea days. We just lounged around most of the day. We went hot tubing once and then went swimming. I was too nervous I would get burnt more so I couldn't relax as much. We found an arcade room the night before so we played in there for a little while.

Later during the day they had a newlywed game. We went and watched that. It was pretty funny!

Dinner was formal again. We got dressed up and had a bunch of pictures taken for fun! Dinner was really good again. My favorite, I waited the whole cruise for my filet minion! I ordered two because it was really small.


Right after Dinner they had a family feud game. I convinced Jeremy to volunteer to play! He did so good! It was guys against girls and the guys won by a long shot!

We went to the show after which was really weird. It was like a game show but it was all dancing and singing. It was weird.

Day 7:

We started with breakfast at the restaurant. Most days I got eggs benedict! Then we did the ropes course which surprisingly I was really scared of! I was freaking out at times. I think if I did it again I would do better but it was scary! Later we went on the water slides which hurt because of the screws. We are too old for them. We did some swimming and went to the last women standing show. It was really funny. They would give a group of girls and assignment and they would have to go do it and then come back and sit down there would be one last chair so they would eliminate someone each time. It was really funny!



We had dinner again which was fun. The waiters did a huge dance again and we said bye to our new friends. We skipped the last show since it wasn't until 11:30 and we had to be up really early the next morning to head home.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 4 and 5 of the Cruise

Day 3:

We got up really early so eat breakfast and then get in line to get off the boat. In Belize City you had to take a boat to land. We were able to be on the first boat. When we got there we looked around to figure out what we wanted to do. We knew we were interested in the cave tour and maybe a boat ride. We found out that the boat ride has to be booked on the cruise, so that was out. We decided to do the cave tour. Once we booked it we had an hour to walk around. We went outside the port area and walked around. There wasn't too much to do without driving so we couldn't do much.

The tour started with a bus ride for 45 minutes. I fell asleep for most of it. Once we got there we started the hike, our tour guide taught us about the different plants and stuff. He was really nice! After about 30 minutes of hiking we came to a river. They tied all the tubes together and we floated into the caves. It was really cool! There was a waterfall in the cave which was cool. The tour guide pulled all of us into the waterfall. After the cave it was a relaxing ride to the end. A few other people in our group were doing zip lining so we decided to do it to. Since we were already there they gave us a really good deal.


The zip lining had 6 ropes. The last two were the best because they were the longest and they went over rivers which was so pretty! We were cutting it close to make it on the cruise, so were all a little stressed. We hurried to the bus and headed back. When we arrived at the port we had 15 minutes until the last boat to the cruise. We got out of the bus and found a huge line to go back to the cruise. We decided to just walk around the shops instead of waiting in line. We ended up being on the 2nd to last boat.

We hurried and got showered and ready for dinner. We sat with our older friends. It was fun to hear about their day because they are very active for their age. We were surprised when they would tell us what they did. Dinner was yummy as always and after we headed to the show room. We found seats we really liked so I would sit in them for an hour or so and watch Bingo until the show started. The show was good! They weren't as good as the shows on our honeymoon cruise but they were still good.

After we headed to bed.

Day 4:

We arrived at Honduras at 8:30ish. We had breakfast at the restaurant early. Then we headed to the line to get off the boat which was HUGE!! We lucked out because a worker came and told us about another exit. We were off within a few minutes. We had no idea what we wanted to do. We saw a bunch of people heading one direction so we decided to follow them. Lucky for us they were headed out of the port area and we arrived at this huge mob of people that wanted to take you to the beach and all these other places. We were overwhelmed at first but found someone to bring us to a beach to go snorkeling. We walked the beach a lot and did a lot of snorkeling. At first I had a hard time snorkeling. After I got the hang of it I did really well. It was fun but there wasn't as many fish as I thought there would be. I guess Belize was the best place to snorkel but we found out too late.

After a little while (half a day) we got a taxi to take us back to the port. We found out that Carnival owned the whole port area so they had a private beach free to carnival guests. They had a sky ride that would take you directly to the beach. It ended up being more expensive to buy off the ship so we bought one for me. It was faster to walk but I like rides. It was unlimited so I kept riding it back and forth. It was SO relaxing! On the carnival beach we did some more snorkeling. We only had one set so it was harder.

We headed back to the ship and got ready for dinner again. Dinner was yummy again! It's one of the best parts of the cruise! We went to the show which was a magic show. I was really disappointed in this one. It was fun but nothing like the other ones. They had a Mexican fiesta at 11:30pm but we couldn't stay up. The last three days were exhausting so we fell asleep fast!