Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Activities

I'm going to combine all our October activities into one post since I'm so far behind.

Blake got his first haircut by Daddy! He sat so still and loved it. He watched Jeremy the whole time in the mirror. He doesn't have a ton of hair but the hair he has was getting too long. His hair is currently coming in faster and darker.

We went to the Babies R Us Halloween party. Unfortunately they ended the party early so we didn't get to be in the parade or the raffle. We took a picture of Blake and got a goody bag. After the party we went over to the mall so Blake could play in the play area but shortly found out it was closed for renovations. Sad day!! We went to Red Lobster for lunch. Blake loved the rolls. They kept giving him more and more. He also had some of daddy's fish and loved it. We made homemade pizza for dinner! It turned out really good! I loved him. Blake enjoyed it too.

One night after work we drove to a park and went for a walk. We let Blake walk most of the time and he loved running through the sprinklers. Every time we walked through them he would turn around and go back through them.

We went to the state fair last Friday. We hurried and grabbed Blake and drove straight back to the fair. We had free tickets through Fry's and we were able to ride rides until 6pm for $2 each. Jeremy rode 2 and I rode 1. Blake was tall enough to ride the kids rides but he would have to go on it by himself so we decided to pass. We had fun walking around. Blake loved watching the rides especially once it was dark and all the rides were all lite up. We shared a funnel cake. Blake enjoyed it.

Last Saturday we went to PetSmart and Petco for the Halloween parties. PetSmart was mainly just to get a picture taken and a goodie bag. Petco was a costume contest. There were only two dogs that showed up for the contest. Blake and Chloe ended up winning 1st place. She won a mini make over at the grooming salon. The manager also gave both dogs a huge bag of goodies. It was worth over $20 so that was pretty cool! After we went home and carved our pumpkin. Blake thought it was interesting.


Blake has been pulling on his ears and putting his fingers in his ears for about a week (as of last weekend). We thought he had an ear infection and just wasn't going away. We decided to take him to the doctor and found out he has 4 molars coming in at once. The top are farther along then the bottom ones so he is in a lot of pain from it. I feel silly since I could have just looked in his mouth and saw he has teeth coming in and known why he was in pain. He did get the flu shot so that's good.

Blake received his Halloween box from Grandma and Grandpa Krass. It was filled with his favorite treats!

Friday night we went to IHOP and Blake got a scary face pancake. He loved it! His favorite part was the candy corn. He ate almost all of them first and then the pancake. Sadly the service was really slow so we probably won't go back for a while.

Saturday we tried to go to Enchanted Island but our tickets didn't work. We headed to Castles and Costars instead. We mainly went on rides with Blake. He could only go on 2 rides; carousel and bumper boats. The carousel he did really well he seemed like he was going to cry at one point but we held his hands and he was good. The bumper boats he rode with Jeremy and he just sat there and watched everyone. We were worried he was going to try and get out but he did really well. We came home and took naps and then got ready for trick or treating. People didn't start until 6 really 6:30 was the main crowd. We tried to get a picture of Blake and Chloe but Blake can't sit still so it was a little hard. We went to quite a few houses in the neighborhood. We drove over to our old neighborhood and did a little trick or treating there too. It was really crowded in our old neighborhood so we didn't stay too long. In between we handed out candy. Blake had his first sucker and made a mess! He was pretty upset when I took it away.