Thursday, January 29, 2015

21 Weeks

21 Weeks- 1/28/15

Blake is getting bigger and stronger everyday. He laughed for the first time this week. So far I have been able to get him to laugh twice. He is getting more needy/clingy though. He gets upset as soon as he loses sight of me. But after a minute or two he forgets about it and plays by himself. He loves his toys more and more each day. He loves to chew anything he can get his hands on.

This weekend wasn't planned to be fun but it turned out really fun. Saturday Jeremy and I planned on running errands but separately so we could get it done faster. He went to Sam's club and Arizona Cardinals player Ellington was there for 2 hours signing things and taking pictures. He called us and we packed everything up and ran to Sam's Club. We only had to wait in line for 20 minutes. He was really nice and signed whatever we wanted. He signed my work cup that I used everyday. He signed my jersey and then he signed Blake's jersey that he was wearing. He also signed a poster for Blake. It was so much fun! Blake was so cute when he was signing his shirt. He just stared at him. After we went and ran our separate errands. I took Blake alone for the 1st time since I went back to work. He was really good. We went to Target and Kohl's. Did some fun shopping! We also went shopping together Friday night. We bored Daddy to death but got some pretty cute outfits for little Blake.

Saturday night we went to a hot air balloon event right by our house. We left at 5 and parked at 6:30 we could have walked there faster! No joke! They charged up $5.00 to sit in a line. We finally got out and walked around as fast as we could. Blake was a little unsure about the balloons. But, he LOVED the fireworks. We laid in the grass together and watched them. He thought they were the coolest thing ever! We then got the privilege of sitting in another line to get out of the event. I wouldn't go again or recommend it unless you go during the day which wouldn't be as fun.

I must have done something to my back at the event because my back hurt so bad on Sunday I was couch bound. Blake was having a rough morning which was making the morning next to impossible. Luckily after two naps he finally was happy again. We had a bon fire Sunday night. Blake liked it, Chloe hated it.

Monday was the first day of busy season. It was an ok day but it ended sad. I was so stressed out I ended up crying the whole way home I missed my little man but we made it. Tuesday was the worst day of my life so we will skip that day.
Today wasn't much better than Tuesday. We got an email from the boss that I disliked. Pretty much there will be absolutely no stability to busy season. I need stability and schedules so obviously I wasn't too happy. I just feel horrible not being able to tell the lady that watches Blake what time we are going to be picking him up. I would go crazy if I was her but I have no control of my hours. Rang over. Just frustrated and needed to get it out. Blake has been having a blast in his bouncer while I wrote this. He is tall enough now that his feet touch the ground so he has more control. Well I'm going to go have fun with my little man! See ya in a week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

20 Weeks

20 Weeks- 1/21/15

Blake is the king of rolling over. He rolls over within 30 seconds usually of you putting him on his stomach. He loves to grab things and play with his toys which makes him mad when he rolls over and can't get to his toys anymore. The doctor said to make him struggle and see if he can figure out how to get them so I try but I give in usually. He has been doing pretty good at getting them himself though. He loves to grab Chloe when she's in reach. Chloe is really good about it and just sits there. He also loves to grab my hair. He is also becoming a big daddy's boy. He lights up every time he sees Jeremy. It's so cute! He still has his cold and cough. His favorite toy right now is his car. It has holes all over it so he can grab it easily. It has wheels though so it rolls away and he gets really frustrated.

This weekend we were pretty busy! Friday night we went shopping at the outlet mall. We got a few shirts for Jeremy but we mainly just walked around and looked at all the new stores. They expanded it for the Super bowl. Saturday we got up early and Jeremy and I went and saw American Sniper. We actually got  babysitter and everything! The movie was amazing! I was speechless after. After we went home and got Blake and went to a neighborhood party! I can't wait till Blake gets bigger so he can play. After we headed to the home show. We forgot the stroller so we had to carry Blake. He was really well behaved but we definitely got an arm workout. We had a lot of things in mind that we wanted to get at the home show. We were able to get numbers for all of them. Blake got so many comments on how cute he is. It's crazy how many strangers will talk to you. We went home for like 30 minutes and then decided to go to Verizon and get new phones. We both decided on iPhone 6's! So far we love them! Jeremy spoiled me and let me get any case and accessories I wanted! I picked a pink Kate Spade case and a Kate Spade portable charger. We also got glass covers to protect the screen. Hopefully these will protect it.

Sunday was rough on Jeremy. He was upstairs watching TV and I handed him Blake for a second. Then I came back and got him and Blake had given Jeremy a surprise. There was poop everywhere. It was all over him the bed sheets and me. Jeremy started freaking out. He's not a fan of poop or changing diapers. Not that anyone does. Anyways it all ended fine. I cleaned Blake and Jeremy did laundry. Jeremy didn't trust Blake the rest of the day. Blake also conked out during church for a nap.

Monday we found out busy season starts this coming Monday. I'm not ready to give up so much time with Blake. I'm going to miss him. I feel like I will be missing out on so much. I pretty much only get to see him for 30 minutes a day. :(  Plus I'm the only girl staff worker now so it's safe to say work is now really boring. I pretty much don't talk all day and just work as hard as I can. I figure if I work as hard as possible and not talk at all then maybe busy season will end sooner?!?! I doubt it but I can dream. :) I used to love work but now all my audit friends are gone. Monday night we let Blake try pears. He didn't hate it.

Blake is currently fast asleep on me. He hasn't done this for a long time. I know if I want to sleep through the night I should wake him up but I miss these days! Soon I will hardly get to see him so I'll really miss these days. Blake woke up and we went and played with Daddy while he studied!

Blake is  a really good sleeper! We put him in his room between 6:30 and 7 and he falls asleep on his own without crying. He usually wakes up around 6. Sometimes earlier but not too often. He does sleep in a bit for the weekends. I'm finally getting the hang of a working mom. Jeremy makes fun of my schedules but if I keep with them life is easy. So far the house has been spotless for 3 weeks and I don't have to spend more than 5 minutes a day cleaning. I get more time with Blake and I don't spend the weekend cleaning.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

19 Weeks

19 Weeks- 1/14/15

Blake has been on a weird schedule this week. He is starting to wake up at night again. He wakes up starving and if I don't feed him then he wakes up every 30 minutes. He also doesn't seem to want to eat in the morning and this weekend it was a struggle to get him to eat. Not sure what was going on. Other than not wanting to eat he has been really fun to be around. He is still as talkative as usual as long as you don't leave him alone for long. He has started to put his arms up to be picked up when you are getting him out of his car seat. It's pretty cute when he does it.

This weekend we didn't do much again. Our main goal was to put away the Christmas decorations. I did most of it Friday night and then Jeremy did the outside Saturday morning. We spent most of the day at home. Jeremy went out in the morning to get us breakfast. He was gone for over an hour because he couldn't decide what to get. I was pretty impressed with what he came up with. He went to the grocery store and got a fruit salad and donuts. He also got fresh rolls for lunch and he got turkey from ruby's.

Sunday night Blake slept through the night and has since. He seems to be coming out of his cold and his cough is getting better. So this weekend must have been from him being sick. Hopefully this is his last cold for a long time!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

18 Weeks

18 Weeks- 1/10/15
Blake had his 4 month check up this week. The doctor said he looks good! He is starting to get clingy. If he can't see us he will start screaming. So far he has only done that for 2 days so maybe it won't last too long. He still loves his new bouncer and he loves to calm down at night in his mama roo! We are so glad he is finally using it! He is still constantly holding his feet. He still has a cold and cough.

This weekend we didn't do too much. We mainly organized the house and hung out at home. It's fun to see Blake play with his toys. He reaches for them and grabs them now. We hung out on our back porch one night with our heater on. We are pretty boring!
He just rolled over


Thursday, January 8, 2015

4 Months

4 Months- 1/3/15
Blake is 4 months old! He had his doctors appointment Monday. He did really well for most of the appointment. They made us wait a long time in the room for the doctor so he got impatient but not too bad. He hated his shots. It was so sad. He always has the saddest cry. The only good thing Blake gets really clingy after which is usually isn't cuddly.
He weighs 16 pounds 9 ounces which is 75% percentile. He is 27 inches tall which is 95% percentile.

*He holds his head up
*He loves to hold your hand
*He smiles a lot now
*He likes his binky but not nearly as much anymore
*He is wearing 6 month clothes
*He loves his play mat
*He loves his new bouncer
 *He sleeps really good in the car/car seat
 *He like his swing
*He makes the cutest squeal when he is mad
*He doesn't like to snuggle as much
*He sleeps with his arms above his head
*He likes tummy time but not for too long at a time
*He loves to stare at people
*He takes about 2-3 naps a day
*He LOVES Chloe
*He loves to stand on your lap
*He will walk a little if you hold his hands
*He drinks 4oz. at a time
*He's talking baby talk a lot
*He looks around the room and notices us
*He recognizes Jeremy and I
*He is constantly smiling and laughing
*He's becoming more independent
*He rolls over a lot
*He sleeps through the night
*He loves anything that lights up
*He loves it when people sing to him
*He is playing with toys now
* His hands are almost always in his mouth
*He loves to grab his feet


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Year Anniversary

5 Year Anniversary

This Monday was Jeremy and I’s 5 year anniversary. We originally planned a two day trip near flagstaff. We were going to leave the cabin on Saturday morning and then head home Monday night. We waited too long and decided not to go it. Blake is a man of comfort so traveling isn’t too fun with him. I don’t blame him though. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a pack n play either. So we came up with another plan. Blake went to daycare and we played all day!

We started by going to chick fil a! We love that place!

Then we picked up a white hot chocolate at Starbucks!

Next, was the mall where Jeremy got me pink shoe laces and strawberry lotion at bath and body works.

Next, was the big activity. Castles and coasters. It an amusement park but it’s pretty small. We got an unlimited ride and mini golf wristband! We started with mini golf! It was a ton of fun! They have four courses and we had the whole thing to ourselves. I think we picked the hard one. I won but not by much! We decided to go Go-Karting first. Jeremy was so fast. He was lapping everyone. Bumper boats was next. It was a lot of fun! Followed by a roller coaster and the log ride (Jeremy’s favorite). Next was the drop rides. They had a littler one that we both went on and then I went on the tall one. We went on bumper cars and then another roller coaster. Last was zip lining. It was super fun! I had never done it before and was a little nervous but after they let go it’s really fun!

We went to Bobby Q’s for a late lunch. It was very yummy!

We headed home and picked up Blake and watched a movie at home. After we opened presents. I got Jeremy a BBQ fork from Brooke stone and some Xbox accessories. Jeremy got me Beat headphones! (He took me to Costco and said I could pick any headphones I wanted) Of course I picked the most expensive ones!