Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 17 - 2017

Week 17 – 2017

Blake got sick this week. On Thursday, his daycare called and said he has a fever and wasn’t feeling very well. We picked him up and hoped it would be a quick bug because we were heading to California the next day. Friday, Blake still had a fever but it went away with his medicine. We decided to head to California anyways and we would just relax in the hotel for the weekend if he was still really sick. He ended up getting a high fever on the car ride but again it would go down with the medicine. He slept a lot on the car ride. He ended up not sleeping very well that night. He was wide awake from midnight to 3am. He ended up sleeping in a bit so that was nice.

His fever was very low when he finally woke up so we gave him medicine and he was ready to go! We planned to go to Six Flags for a few hours and then the beach but traffic ended up being so bad that we only made it to Six Flags. Blake had a lot of fun but he wasn’t his complete normal self-due to him being sick. Kylie was able to ride some of the rides with him. We got stuck in a lot of traffic after so we hung out at the hotel for a bit and then we went swimming at the pool. After, we walked to Red Robin for dinner. Blake was HORRIBLE! He was throwing stuff everywhere and ended up having to go outside to calm down and then he did pretty good. We went to bed early so we could be well rested for Disney… Kylie ended up waking up from 2am to 4am. Jeremy ended up taking her out in the car and got gas and then she fell asleep. She slept in her stroller next to Blake’s pack n play the rest of the night.

Daddy was a good sport and got in the cage with him!

Kylie wouldn't sit down in the wagon! Everyone thought she was so cute!

We decided to still go ahead and give Disney a try. Jeremy and I got ready and packed everything we would need for the day and then woke up Blake and Kylie. We got them ready and then headed to Disney. We tried to get there at 7:30 but ended up not being at the gate till 8:20. Our first Disney moment was parking. After you park, you have to take a bus to the front gate. You have to fold up your stroller which is fine and makes sense but we weren’t prepared for it and I hadn’t read anything about that. Blake was upset and thrown off by this and it turned into a tantrum. Once we got off the bus Blake didn’t want to get back in the stroller and ended up just sitting there screaming while we were in line…great start! After we got through all the lines we headed straight to Dumbo. Blake was still pretty upset. He cried for most of the 5 minutes we waited in line for Dumbo. Lol He continued to scream and cry on Dumbo but Kylie on the other hand, had a great time on her first ride! After Dumbo, we went to the train next door. There was a little bit of a line so Blake was able to calm down and enjoyed watching the train come. Blake and Kylie loved the ride! We were able to get in the cage seats. We headed to the Finding Nemo Submarine next. Sadly we had to wait a while for this one. Next time this will be the first ride we hit. This one is usually 45 plus minute wait. We probably waited almost 30 minutes. It’s pretty cool though. You go in a submarine and go around and see the nemo characters and it’s a reenactment of the movie. Blake liked it except for the scary shark part. Kylie LOVED it!

Next, we head to Mickeyland! We went to Mickey’s house first and only had to wait maybe 5 minutes to see him. Blake did really well and gave him a high five and was super excited to see him! He blew him lots of kisses and kept saying bye when we left. He played on Donald Ducks boat and Goofy’s play yard next. We headed back to the hotel after for nap time. Kylie ended up sleeping but Blake took over an hour to fall asleep so he had a short nap.  

Since parking takes forever, Jeremy dropped Blake and I off near the front gate and then we were able to go to the parade. Which didn’t go off without it’s struggles. Blake was grouchy and didn’t want to listen so I followed him up and down main street while he yelled at me in front of everyone waiting for the parade to “go away”. Finally, the parade was supposed to start in 5 minutes so I just stood in a shade spot right by the curb and held him while he yelled at me. I knew he would LOVE this parade, he just didn’t know it yet. I guess this is part of the mom job. Finally it started and I slowly sad down on the curb with him on my lap and he didn’t move a muscle for the next 30 minutes and had his mouth wide open! He LOVED it! He would tap my leg and point to the characters as they came by. After, we headed to the rocket ride. He loved it which I was surprised because I thought it was a little scary for a kid. Jeremy and Kylie arrived at the park at this point and we grabbed fast passes for a ride and then I watched the kids while Jeremy went on space mountain. Blake was a brat but he was strapped into the stroller so it was fine.

The next ride was Blake’s FAVORITE! It was Astro Blaster or something like that. It was the toy story ride which you try and shoot the bulls eyes. He was actually really good at it. We all sat in one car and Blake and I played. After, we grabbed another fastpass for the same ride and headed to the other side of the park to grab something to eat. We ended up in Winnie the Pooh land and had Mac & Cheese and burgers. After we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride! Kylie LOVED it! The kids each got to pick one toy and Kylie decided to get a stuffed Winnie the Pooh! We headed back to use our fastpass on Blake’s favorite ride again but this time Blake and Jeremy played! After, Blake decided to pick out Toys Story pull back cars. He almost got Buzz Lightyear and Kylie was going to be nice enough to give him her extra money but he saw these cars last minute and decided on them. Jeremy and I were kinda sad but we had to let him pick. I personally think it’s because they came in a case with a handle and he could carry it easy. He hasn’t really played with them so I’m kinda sad. After we headed to It’s a Small World ride which had a HUGE line. The ride had shut down for a bit so once it opened the line kept moving. Kylie LOVED this ride. It was super long though so about 2/3 into it she started getting fussy. It was really late at this point. As soon as we were done the electric parade was starting. The make it really hard to get around the park once this happens so it was hard to find a place to squeeze in. Jeremy put Blake on his shoulders and we watched a little bit. Blake was really tired so we left early and were able to beat the rush. We decided to walk through downtown Disney. Blake was being really good in the stroller and Kylie was asleep in the baby carrier. It was actually really relaxing just walking around. We decided to head back right as the fireworks were starting and were able to watch a little bit of them while we were getting on the bus.

Overall, it was a very mixed trip. The day finished REALLY nicely! If I could forget the first half I would say it was a perfect vacation. Considering that Blake was still sick then I think it really wasn’t too bad. I wish he hadn’t been so grumpy in the morning but it happens.