Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 12- 2017

Week 12 -2017

This week was another week of sickness. Kylie gave me pink eye. After I got the drops it got all better. I was able to work from home Wednesday which helped my eyes heal faster. Other than that, nothing too excited happened during the week. Kylie is a super crawler and climber. She is always getting into things now. Blake FREAKS out when she touches anything of his. We are working on it.

We decided to go to Prescott this weekend. In my head I thought it would be really fun and relaxing. In reality it was a disaster. Long story short Blake was an uncontrollable monster. We arrived at our hotel at 2:30 and he didn’t seem like he was going to take a nap and that was the start of the madness. We stayed downtown and were able to walk to a saloon for Lunch/Dinner. Blake was OK at the saloon so we took him to get Ice Cream. We ate our Ice Cream at the park and then headed to the hotel. We went swimming in the indoor pool which was surprisingly large. Blake learned how to swim on his own with his swim poodle thing. It’s a huge thing since he never wanted to be alone at the start of the trip. He would swim back and forth from Jeremy and I. Kylie loved floating around in her pool float. She was super relaxed.

Saturday night Blake and Jeremy walked to Sprouts to grab drinks and then stopped at Panda Express for Dinner. Then Blake and I layed in bed and he fell asleep finally.

The next morning Blake woke up at 5am and yelled “Mommy, where are you?” I had moved to the other bed since he’s a bed hog and I think he thought I left. So I moved over and he watched TV on his tablet but wouldn’t be quiet so Kylie ended up waking up. The pool opened at 6am so we all got ready and went swimming again. Same as the first time. Blake swam around and Kylie relaxed in her floaty. Then the madness began!! We got ready and went to breakfast and there were only tiny, tiny tables and the kids were throwing the food everywhere. It’s hard to explain but it was madness!! The hotel was also full of older people due to some event. So during this madness a bunch of old people were staring at us and laughing and pointing. Not very nice… I took the kids upstairs and Jeremy ate breakfast and then we packed up, loaded the car and then I ate breakfast and we headed on our way home. The kids fell asleep after a few minutes in the car and Jeremy and I got to enjoy an hour and a half of peace. I told Jeremy Disney is canceled but I’m starting to change my mind. We’ll see.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 11 - 2017

Week 11 - 2017

Kylie is crawling now! She doesn’t really care to move too fast but she gets to what she wants. She is pulling up on everything and is trying hard to stand. Blake is constantly disciplining her for touching things she shouldn’t. Blake has a girlfriend at school. I picked him up Friday and there was a girl and her mom standing outside Blake’s classroom and the little girl was saying bye to someone and as I got closer I saw it was Blake! It was so cute! The mom told me that her daughter is obsessed with Blake. Blake then continued to tell me about Lela. (No idea how to spell it) It was super cute! I love how social Blake is. He tells everyone bye when he leaves (most days). It’s super fun to pick him up and see him sitting at the table or interacting with the other kids! I wish he behaved like that at home.

The sickness continued in our house this week. Wednesday I took Kylie to the doctor and found out she has pink eye and a double ear infection. Her eyes cleared up pretty fast with the drops but she is still pulling on her ears. Hopefully she will feel better soon. She went to her 9-month appointment on Friday as well. She is 19 pounds! Not sure how long but she is tall.
Nothing too exciting happened this weekend. Blake, Jeremy and Jeremy’s parents went to a spring training game Friday night. Saturday they installed a new back door and Sunday Blake was a monster at church and that’s about it. We also enjoyed watching a lot of the march madness games.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 10 - 2017

Week 10 - 2017

Well we finished painting the house! We painted the laundry room and upstairs hallway and now it’s done! One step accomplished! Yay! Other than that, we pretty much did nothing. Kylie and I have a cold we just can’t get rid of. Jeremy loves going to Costco so lately he does all the shopping so I don’t even have to leave the house on the weekends if I don’t want to. Blake and I did go on a trip to Target and Kohl’s. Kylie is super clingy. She doesn’t like to be alone. I think that’s because of school. She is in a room all day with babies and two adults and they can’t be out of her sight since the room is so small. She has officially crawled across the room on her hands and knees but it was to get to Chloe and Chloe is the only one who can get her to crawl on her hands and knees. She prefers to drag herself. I think it looks harder but that’s what she prefers.

Blake is Jeremy's little shadow. He loves to do what Jeremy's doing and it's really cute but can be frustrating. Jeremy decided to redo some of our patio and Blake loved trying to "help" him.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 9 - 2017

Week 9 – 2017

This week was a long week. Kylie got sick starting Wednesday. She was riding on a 99.9 fever till Friday so she was able to go to daycare but didn’t feel good. It was Dr. Seuss week at daycare so each day had a different theme. One day was mismatch day and Blake wouldn’t participate. I tried picking out clothes that didn’t match and he didn’t want to wear them. I tried mismatch shoes and that was a big no.

Blake loves to clean up! He is always telling Jeremy and I to clean up. One day this week we were pulling up to School and he was so excited and yelled “School! Clean up! School Clean up!” He was so excited to go to school and clean up. It was really funny!

This weekend we were able to go to the Botanical Gardens for free from my work. Jeremy has always wanted to go so we did. It was the grand opening for the butterfly pavilion which was cool. Blake had a huge melt down and I was so embarrassed. We are in the terrible two’s people!

We went home and put the kids down and painted and painted and painted! We only have the laundry room and upstairs hallway left! Wahoo!! I hate taping and painting. No high ceilings left so that is awesome!

Sunday I woke up sick as a dog. Sore throat, huge cold and foggy head. It was a lay on the couch day. Kylie still is trying to get over her cold as well. I’m sure Blake is next! L We read lots of books and played outside. There was hot air balloon festival right by our house so Blake pointed out every single one to us and waved and said hi.