Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Activities

We went to the zoo again 2 weekends ago. We let Blake out of his stroller for the most part. He loved walking around and looking at the animals. The Rino was really close to us and he thought it was really cool. He didn’t want to leave, we had to drag him away.

Valentine Gifts from Grandpa Paul:
Blake received a package from Grandpa Paul with his Valentine gifts! He loved opening the box and playing with his alligator and books.

Friday afternoon we had our ultrasound to find out the gender. It was the last thing the tech showed us during the ultrasound but it’s a girl! This little girl was moving like crazy during the ultrasound. She had a really hard time getting a picture of her. 

Renaissance Festival:
We went to the renaissance festival this past weekend. It turned out really well. We had an awesome family day! It opened at 10 which made us nervous because Blake takes a nap around 10 or 11. He didn’t fall asleep until like 15 minutes before we got there. After getting tickets and then waiting in line to enter the festival we were finally in. We walked around for a bit and then we let Blake see the goose. He played with it last year and he liked it but this year he was scared of it and then cried in the end.


We went to a show that we went to last year and only stayed for a bit since it was the exact same people and act. Blake was walking around and saw a ride. He ran right up to the gate around the ride. Jeremy went and got him and led him over to where we were going. As soon as he let go of his hand Blake turned around and ran straight to the ride. Jeremy gave in and let him ride the ride. Blake seemed to enjoy the ride. We hurried to the jousting show next.


Blake and I found a seat in the shade while Jeremy got us a turkey leg. Blake was excited when the horses came out. He kept pointing at them and said something in his language and was super excited. Blake loved the turkey leg Jeremy got. He tried to bite off the bone the first time but he wouldn’t do it again. Jeremy had to pull the meat off the bone and then give it to him. He seriously ate half of the turkey leg. The jousting was really fun to watch. Our team didn’t win but it was fun!

On our way out we stopped at the tomato stand. People pay for tomatoes and they try and hit the guy. The guy says really mean things about the thrower. It’s a pretty popular game. There was a guy there in a mouse costume. Blake was originally out of his stroller but he was scared of the mouse so he begged me to put him in his stroller. He hid until the guy left. It was really funny!

On our way out we came across a petting zoo. Blake was very scared of the animals. After a little bit he warmed up. I think it threw him off because the animals were boxed in and he had to reach in. He wanted the animals to come to him.

Swap Meet:
On our way home we stopped at the swap meet. We walked through about half of it. I grabbed a few headbands and Jeremy grabbed a few things. We tried to get Blake new crocs but we couldn’t find his size. He LOVES his crocs but they are getting small. He likes being like daddy.

We stopped at a friends on our way home. They weren’t there so we played in the backyard. Blake like running around and getting his energy out. Meanwhile Jeremy managed to set their alarm off. After we left we saw a fruit stand type thing. We stopped and grabbed from fruits and Jeremy grabbed peanuts to make boiled peanuts.

Super Bowl:
We had a lot of fun watching the game. Jeremy and Blake played outside while Jeremy grilled dinner. I was closely watching the game because we had a work contest. I ended up winning the first quarter round. Jeremy was so excited. The rest of the game was interesting but we weren’t constantly watching.

 New York:
Blake and I leave Saturday for New York. I’m so scared of the flight. We fly to Chicago and then to Albany. I really hope he is good for me. The only problem is he doesn’t listen to me. We’ll see.