Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Months - Kylie

5 Months - 11/16/16

* She has acid reflux and takes medicine every morning. She has rice cereal in her bottles to help keep the milk down.
* She is getting a lot better at being on her stomach. She is on her stomach a lot!
* She drinks 6 oz at a time for the most part
* She wakes up once at night for the most part
* She takes two naps most days
* She loves being rocked
* She is swaddled every night.
* She loves her play mat - She giggles while watching her singing guy
* She likes to sit in her swing and watch everyone
* She loves to sit in her bumbo at dinner and watch us all eat. She stares at our food intensely!
* She loves her big brother - When she sees him she smiles
* She doesn't really notice Chloe
* She doesn't seem to mind her car seat but she prefers to be moving in it
* She has 4 teeth about to come in and have been for 2 months :/
* She is very smiley when you talk to her and smile at her
* She has a pretty good amount of hair but has been losing some in the back
* She rolls around a lot. She loves to just lay on the ground and roll around.
* She is more interactive with toys she grabs them and plays with them
* She just recently discovered her hands
* She has very little interest in her binky
* She has tried Oatmeal, carrots and sweet potatoes. She didn't LOVE any of them.  
* She likes to go for walks

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Twenty Three Weeks - Kylie

23 Weeks - 11/24/16

Kylie has been super tough this week. She has been having trouble sleeping and hasn't been eating as much as she usually does. She tried sweet potatoes this week and didn't seem to love them or hate them. She is still learning how to eat solids. She has been getting more active. She likes to roll around everywhere on the floor until she gets stuck and then we move her and she does it all over again. She loves to stand up and can do it really well with a little help. She is giggling and laughing more now.

This weekend we didn't do much. Mainly laid around due to being sick. We did get out of a bit to go to the Enchanted Islands Harvest Festival. We went Saturday night quick. Blake rode each ride once and then he went on a pony ride, bounce house, corn box, and hay ride. Blake really liked the rides and the bounce houses. We went with him through the obstacle courses and then went down the slide with him. He loved that!

Wednesday night after work we went to West Gate. We went to Dave and Busters and let Blake play some games and then went to Whiskey Rose for dinner. We love going there! There was a hockey game that night so we walked around for a bit. We were going to stay for the snow but decided it would be too late.

Thanksgiving was fun! We bought all our food pre-made at Costco so dinner was easy. Jeremy is the cook at our house and he did an awesome job getting it all ready for us! Blake liked the sweet potatoes and stuffing. He called them cookies because they were sweet. We did a lot of Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving. I did most of my shopping online but Jeremy did go out and get some things at 6. We did go to JcPenny's at 2:40 and it opened at 3. I stood in line till 3:30 and we didn't get a coupon! :( Next year I'm not going. We had to hurry and eat dinner in order to get there and it's not worth it. Blake and I also had fun watching football!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Twenty Two Weeks - Kylie

22 Weeks - 11/17/16

Kylie tried her first solid vegetable this week. I made her some carrot baby food. She hated it. We tried on two different nights and both times she spit it up and looked disgusted. Jeremy has been working with her on getting comfortable on her stomach and working towards crawling. She wants to crawl so bad but can't yet. She has started rolling more and more. She still adores her big brother! She has the biggest smile when she sees her big brother.

This past weekend was a busy one. We took Blake and Kylie to the daycare they will be starting at in January. They had a fall festival going on so Blake was able to get his face painted, play with some kids, play on the playground and look around his future classroom. They also had a "petting zoo" which consisted of a pig. Blake did pet it though. He had a lot of fun!

We then went to The Habit for free burgers. They were having a pre grand opening and gave out burgers to the first 200 customers. Somehow I ended up dropping my phone in the parking lot. When we got home I couldn't find my phone. I looked on Jeremy's phone to track it and saw it was at the habit. It was moving around so Jeremy jumped in the car and drove there. I kept tracking it and gave him updates on where it was headed. It finally came to a stop and Jeremy was able to track which car it was. So he called the police and they showed up a little while after. They went to the house and asked if they had a my phone. They went and got the phone from their car. They made up a story about how they were going to report it to the police and so on. The police told them it was ok which was really frustrating! The stole it and that's not ok! Granted I shouldn't have dropped it but still they stole it. The end was happy though, I have my phone! :)

Shortly after I took Blake to the first birthday party he has been invited too. It was his best friends 3rd birthday! It was the cutest Cookie Monster party! Blake had so much fun!

This week has been a little rough. I've been sick all week and its been a harder week at work. Jeremy has been awesome with helping with the kids so I can work at night. I can't wait for Friday night so I can just crash!