Monday, August 29, 2016

Two Months - Kylie


Kylie is 11 pounds 15 ounces. She is 24.25 inches tall. She is getting a little flat spot on the right side of her head. She prefers to look to the right but we are working on correcting that.

* She has acid reflux and takes medicine every morning. She has rice cereal at night to help keep food down at night.
* She doesn't like tummy time
* She drinks 4 oz at a time for the most part
* She wakes up once at night for the most part
* She takes two naps
* She loves being rocked
* She loves being swaddled
* She hates having a wet diaper for even 10 minutes
* She loves her play mat - She giggles while watching her singing guy
* She likes to sit in her swing and watch everyone
* She loves her big brother
* She doesn't really notice Chloe
* She doesn't seem to mind her car seat but she prefers to be moving in it
* She has 4 teeth about to come in
* She is very smiley when you talk to her and smile at her
* She has a pretty good amount of hair

Smiling at Big Brother

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nine Weeks - Kylie


Jeremy was out of town all week. Kylie has been sleeping better on most nights. She usually wakes up once and then wakes up when I get up to get ready at 5. Once in a while she will have a night where she wants to party in the middle of the night but those are slowly going away. We now put a teaspoon of rice cereal in her last bottle before bed. I think this has really helped a lot. She does get constipated sometimes but surprising less with the rice cereal. One big thing for Blake that started this week was he gave up the binky. This was somewhat his decision. He bit the tip off of all of his binkies at home so he wasn't using them so I just threw them away. He hasn't asked for one so I think were good. He still sleeps like a champ at night! Definitely his daddies kid!

We have been working on tummy time with Kylie. She HATES it. She screams for 90% of it. Some days she surprising me and hardly cries but usually it's hard. Blake will lay with her for part of it.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Eight Weeks - Kylie


Kylie has stopped crying at night. Some nights she is fussier than others but overall things have improved by leaps and bounds. She seems to be a lot happier. She still loves her brother and enjoys smiling at him. This week we mainly were still getting used to our new schedule.

We didn't do anything fun over the weekend. I had let the house go during the week so we spent a while cleaning really well. Jeremy also cut Blake's hair. We did get family pictures done.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our House was Broken Into

So a lot has happened since I last posted. Our house got broken into two weeks ago. I've had a really hard time mentally dealing with this. I had nightmares for a week. Every time I came home from work I was scared to death. I know logically they aren't coming back but I can't help being scared. We have done our best to put the house back together so I can forget but every time I walk in our room I have flashbacks of that day. Jeremy was out of town all last week and I struggled. We have two different security systems now so I'm safe but it doesn't make it go away.

On 8/10/16 I had picked the kids up from daycare and was driving home talking to Blake. We were going to go watch the wiggles and make dinner. As soon as we drove around the corner and saw the house I knew something was wrong. The garage was up and as we got closer I saw things in our garage on the floor. The light was on in the garage. I knew someone had been in our garage. My heart was pounding and I called Jeremy. He told me to FaceTime him and walk inside the home, I did. I opened the first door and the next door was closed. I NEVER shut that door so someone had been in our house. I opened the next door and saw one of our solar window screens on the floor. This should be on the outside of a window. At this point I was 200% sure someone had been or was in the house. I ran out the house jumped in the car and drove away as fast as I could. I called the police and they came like 10 minutes later. At this point Blake and Kylie were crying, I was scared and overwhelmed. The police were in the house for 30 minutes. They came out and walked to my car. She told me it was bad and someone had been in the house and went through a lot of stuff. I was shaking and scared.

I called our friends and they were so kind and took Blake and Kylie for a while. The police officer walked into the house with me. I walked into the family room and the TV was gone, Xbox, blanket  and remotes. Next, I looked to the left and saw the kitchen. The fridge was open and they broke the side baskets in the fridge. They took a water bottle out and drank it and threw it on the floor. Next was the back door. They crow bared through the back door locks. They also ruined the door so the door doesn't shut all the way.

The police officer warned me that the upstairs was pretty bad. I went up and the kids rooms looked good and the bathroom. They took all the electronics on the desk, laptop, iPad and headphones. Next was the master. I walked in and my heart sunk!! The whole room was tore apart. I just wanted to sit in the corner and cry. Not because everything was gone but because someone violated my privacy. Someone had touched my pillow, been through all my clothes. They took everything in my nightstand. Fun money, coach wallets, all my jewelry, cameras, and every charger to everything electronic I own. They took my laptop, iPad, coach purses, and all the drawers to my jewelry box. they threw everything in our drawers everywhere. Like everywhere. They threw our bedding and sheets everywhere. Everything under our bed was everywhere. They took our guns and safe. Next was the bathroom. They threw my makeup bag all over and broke my eye shadows which are expensive. They also tore apart our closet. They threw things everywhere. They took Jeremy's pillowcase and we assume it was to fill with stuff.

We have a big guess of who might have done this but we can't prove anything. I'm very thankful that this happened while I was at work. Jeremy told me that it's good I only took 6 weeks off because if I had taken 9 like I originally wanted then the kids and I would have been there. I don't answer the door when Jeremy not home so they probably would have rang the door bell. I wouldn't have answered and they would have gone to the back and broke in.

Sadly we won't have much of the things stolen replaced. As of right now we aren't going throw insurance. Jeremy had just changed insurance companies and I guess to have a claim so fast would cause them to drop us and when you have a claim on your record it's hard to get insurance and if you do it's really expensive. I'm not upset about the things that aren't being replaced but there's a lot of things they took that can't be replaced. Mainly my ability to feel safe. I'm suspicious of everyone. If there's a car near our house I freak out inside. Maybe one day they will find them!!

23 Months - Blake

23 Months- 8/3/16 

- Blake waves bye when he leaves the room now- it makes me laugh- If you don't say bye he gets really upset
- He's new best friend is Chloe
- He dumps his bowl of snacks in the sink if I don't give him what he wants - super annoying
- When Chloe eats his snacks he gets mad at her and yells "no, no, no" repeatedly at her
- Loves Trotro, Little Einsteins, The Hive, and Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave
- Calls everyone "mama" the other day Blake and I went to pick up food at a restaurant. I was waiting at the bar and Blake saw and old couple at a table near us and he pointed at them and yelled mama. It was embarrassing.
- Loves dada. He calls him mama and then Jeremy says I'm dada and he screams dada. I'm not sure what's going on with him- he knows who we are.
- Says highns for hot
- Says vrom for phone
- He is the biggest helper with Kylie. He gets me burp rags, wipes her face when she spits up, helps burp her, tries to feed her, puts her binky in, helps change her diaper, throws diapers in the diaper genie, plays with her, does tummy time with her, and holds her.
- Getting super picky with food.
- Doesn't like bananas  as much
- Likes apples but he wants the apple whole. He cries if I cut it.
- He like ice cream, a lot.
- He has started taking his diaper off in the morning and there's poop in it so we have a mess to clean up most mornings.
- He says hi to you a lot if he has missed you. When Jeremy came home from his Zion's trip Blake followed him all around the house and kept saying hi and then wanted Jeremy to hold him.
- He still loves his binky. We try to only let him have it at night though.
- We recently gave Blake my old iphone and he thinks its the coolest thing. We let him play with it at restaurants that have wifi. He seems to behave better with it.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Seven Weeks - Kylie

Seven Weeks 8/4/16

It seems like a lot has changed in the last week. Kylie has improved dramatically with her 4-8pm crying. She really hasn't done it at all since Monday. Wednesday was a rough day for her but it was because of her medicine. She is getting so big so fast. She loves watching Blake. Blake was playing peek a boo with her last night and she seemed to like it. She is a lot more smiley this week.

This past weekend Jeremy went on a hiking trip with one of his coworkers. They drove to the cabin and stayed there and then did two different hikes one on Friday and one on Saturday. They did the Angels landing and the narrows hikes in Zions. He seemed to have a lot of fun! I was stuck with the kids alone for 3 days so it wasn't as much fun. But we did venture out to the Phoenix stadium to watch the cardinals first practice. Blake did pretty well watching the players play.

I started work again this week. Its been rough. Sunday night Kylie was awake for 4 hours straight which wasn't very nice. Then Monday morning as we were rushing out the door I noticed Blake had a blow out which ended up going everywhere. It was a great start to my first day back.

I found out that I'm now pretty much working for Deloitte until December. I now work on the 16th floor in their area. I don't mind it but it's requiring a lot of hours because the Deloitte staff are taking advantage of us a little. At first I was a little intimidated because everyone thinks that you have to be crazy smart to be able to do what they do but that's not true. I'm just as smart as them and I have been gaining a lot of confidence this week. They are making a ton of changes this year, so most of the work is from scratch which I can do but it requires a lot more thinking and on little sleep that's a challenge. Lol overall it's been pretty good so far.

Kylie  still has acid reflux and I think she has it pretty bad. In the morning I can tell she has acid in her because of the way she acts. The medicine helps a lot once it's settled. She makes so many different facial expressions it cracks Jeremy and I up. She's kinda sassy already.