Monday, May 30, 2016

Catch up post- April and May 2016

Well it’s been a while since I updated and I’m super sad I let it go this long.
We’ve been up to a lot in the last 6 weeks. I’ll just group it all together.

Visit to the Zoo:
We are able to get into the zoo an hour early because we are members. Sadly, most of the animals aren’t out that early. We mostly walked around and then found a play ground near the petting zoo. Once the petting zoo opened we went in. At first Blake was scared but I think it was because we carried him in. After we put him down and left him alone he warmed up and walked around petting all the animals.


Diamondbacks APS Family Walk:
We participated in a diamondbacks family walk for cancer. It was through APS. We had a fun time. The walk went by fast obviously since it was only a mile. After the walk there were a bunch of booths from different companies and we were able to get a bunch of free things. Such as granola bars, sun screens, t-shirts and IHOP crepes. It was a super windy day which was funny because all the powder on the crepes was blowing around so everyone was covered in powder. After, we walked the Diamondbacks field. We let Blake walk it and he had a blast! Overall it was a super fun event!


Fun times at the Park:
We have been going to the park a lot. In the beginning of May, it was the perfect temperature for the park. Blake loves slides, swings and running around. He loves to chase the birds and geese.


Gateway Waterpark:
We went to the waterpark at gateway one day. Blake is really funny with the shooting water. He loves to run up and touch the water and then run away. He’s not a huge fan of running through them. Once he gets wet enough he gets wild and runs around though.

Diamondbacks Game:
We went to a diamondbacks game. Blake did really well. He seemed to enjoy watching the game and when we would explain what happened he seemed to sit still and watch it. We spent a lot of time in the kid’s area. Blake liked running around and loved the slide. They always have this slides that are impossible for the kids to climb up on their own. By the end Blake had figured out how to climb it though. We stayed for most of the game and then headed home because it was getting pretty late.

Backyard Pool:
We got a blow up pool for the backyard from Costco. It has like little couches on the side that Jeremy and I can sit on while Blake play’s. He loved it! Not the same as a big pool but it works for us.

Arizona Science Center:
APS has a lot of perks for their employees. One of them was free tickets to the Science Center for the month of April. I was able to get tickets for Blake and his daycare so they went on a Wednesday and I was able to walk over and join them and hang out with Blake. It was super fun to get to see him. I think he thought it was pretty cool too. Jeremy and I also went to the science center for an hour on a Saturday. Jeremy and Blake had fun exploring together. After we went to Tempe and got our favorite pizza! J

Cinco De Mayo:
So Blake had a doctor’s appointment on May 5th and I got approval to work from home so that I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of the day driving. My manager emailed me and asked if I could bring Blake to the department pot luck after his doctor’s appointment. I thought it was a little weird but really I thought it was really cool that they wanted to meet Blake. When we got there Blake hung out with my two friends while I got some work ready to finish at home. He colored and had a blast with them. Then it was time for the pot luck and I put my laptop away and then headed to the conference room. Everyone else was already there and when I walked in everyone yelled surprise and there was a table full of baby gifts and an adorable cupcake cake. We had our pot luck and then I opened presents and then had cake. Blake LOVED the cupcakes and kept asking for more. His favorite part was the frosting which was pink and dyed whatever it touched pink so he was pretty pink that day! After the party they helped me load the gifts in the car and then Blake went back to daycare to nap while I worked. It was a super fun surprise!! I honestly work with some amazing people! I have made two really good friends since I started and many other amazing friends. My manager is pretty much the nicest person and truly cares about his team. You don’t see that a lot.

Mother’s Day:
Mother’s Day morning Blake woke up sick. He didn’t want to eat or move. We watched some TV together and then I put him back to bed. He took a long nap and seemed to feel better after. Jeremy made us a huge breakfast! It was super yummy! We spent the day at home cuddling with Blake. Jeremy also cleaned the carpets. Jeremy also made a super yummy steak dinner. He ended the night with a yummy cake and tickets to a Cardinals game. It was sad that Blake was sick but overall it was a good day!

Blake and I have been battling a cold for two weeks. Blake handled it a lot better than I did. It really knocked me out. I was struggling to function. We made it through though and hopefully it won’t happen for another year. J