Thursday, May 4, 2017

Week 15 - 2017

Week 15 - 2017

This weekend was Easter. Friday, Blake had an Easter egg hunt at school. Blake was sick on Wednesday and Thursday but was better in time for Friday. He came home with a bag FULL of eggs filled with candy and stickers. Saturday, we took Blake to the Enchanted Islands egg hunt. There were a lot of people but Blake was still able to get a lot of eggs. Most were filled with coupons for the amusement park which is almost better than candy so I don't have to fight him not to eat it all. :)

Sunday both Kylie and Blake woke up with colds and nasty coughs so it was a stay at home all day kinda day. The Easter Bunny came and hid Blake and Kylie's Easter Baskets. Blake helped Kylie find hers and then he found his. We played bubbles outside, had breakfast and then went to the park.

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